My life will never be the same

By Mike Ramczyk/Sports Editor On May 20, my life was forever changed with the birth of my first child, Coraline Rose. After my wife’s water broke on her due date, May 19, I couldn’t help but turn my face back into my pillow and continue my crazy dream. But after […]


Our readers have a lot to say!

Supports Chief Draeger In Silver Lake, the residents have come to expect the unexpected if not the bizarre. Look at the drama of the past four months regarding the Volunteer Fire Department Chief. Chief McFarlane resigned for lack of support from village government. Chief Pattie resigned because he wouldn’t use […]


Readers have a lot to say

Vote Yes to Dissolve on Nov. 4 Residents of Silver Lake, are you happy with the state of things? Are you happy with no new business, rundown buildings in the center of our community, the lack of planning, lack of money and lack of ethics? Are you happy with a […]


Our Readers Write!

Local government managers bring shared commitment and vision to communities Local governments, according to a September 2013 Gallop poll, capture the most public trust and confidence among all levels of government. Professional management, coupled with a commitment to ethical practices, is one factor explaining why Gallop respondents register such satisfaction. […]


Letters promote candidates for April 1 election

Underhill for County Board       Mike Underhill, Kenosha County Board Supervisor District 20       I am honored and privileged to serve my community as County Board Supervisor for District 20 (Paddock Lake and Salem) for the past two terms. I am seeking your vote for re-election on Tuesday, April 1, […]


Local candidates tell you why they deserve your vote April 1

    Candidates for local municipal and school April 1 spring elections were invited to submit a letter promoting their candidacy. Due to error The Report previously set the deadline for political letters as March 10. This was inaccurate. Political letters will be accepted for next week’s paper. Deadline is […]


Letters to Editor

Seniors should be using the Senior Dining Sites Where are all the seniors, aged 60+, who have no desire in cooking nutritional meals, complain about food costs, dislike eating alone, etc.? Are they aware of the many Senior Dining Sites located out in the county, as well as the city? […]


In My Opinion: Bullies on Hooker Lake

By Tim J. Vanderhoef, Salem~Contributor Many of you residents of Salem and Paddock Lake have not been paying attention to the bullies changing our tiny 87 acre Hooker Lake into a free-for-all skiing and wake boarding lake. Some of it is your own fault for not getting involved. The struggles […]


Save your local drive in!

  My hometown didn’t have much of anything. One stop sign, two grocery stores, two butcher shops, a handful of beauty shops and taverns and lots of churches. Town pretty well closed up at 5 p.m. and if there was a heavy snow and the farm kids couldn’t get into […]


Where’s the Indian Head Test Pattern when you need it?

I subscribe to Time Warner for my television viewing pleasure. I really don’t have a choice, that’s the cable provider offered in my community. I hate paying to watch my own TV but it is what it is. I do like being able to watch the Chicago stations like WGN […]


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