By Jason Arndt

Although no plans are in place yet, the Wheatland Town Board is considering multiple options related to its Geneva Road fire station, which has not received an upgrade since completion in 1978.

In a Feb. 6 meeting, the Wheatland Town Board learned the fire station has space and storage limitations, equipment corrosion caused by excessive moisture and drainage issues.

“There have been no upgrades, just maintenance,” said Wheatland Town Clerk Sheila Siegler, “Trucks have gotten larger, more equipment space is needed. There just is not enough space for their needs.”

Currently, the fire station is without rooms for training exercises, activities, meetings and weight training.

The location, however, is an asset, noting quick access to Highway 50, therefore, meeting the community needs.

But, Siegler said they have not determined whether to expand the current fire station, construct a new facility or include space for public works.

“We are looking at options, gathering ideas, and trying to look into the future to determine what our long-range needs for the town will be which also includes possibility of adding space for a future public works space,” she said. “Nothing set on adding on or constructing a new firehouse.”

Lilly Lake patrol revisited
Patrols could return to Lilly Lake, nearly six months after the former Salem Town Board opted out of its intergovernmental agreement with the Town of Wheatland, noting a Department of Natural Resources mandate.

The mandate indicates Lilly Lake, which is about 85 acres, is smaller than the required 100 acres.

Also, the previous contract called for the Town of Salem to patrol Lilly Lake for 186 hours.

Since then, the Town of Salem merged with the Village of Silver Lake, creating the Village of Salem Lakes.

In a Feb. 27 Wheatland Town Board meeting, the proposal includes patrolling Lilly Lake for 144 hours instead of the previous 186 hours with a $10 per hour increase.

“Last year the rate was $35 an hour but we supplied wave-runner, fuel, maintenance, wave-runner insurance,” Siegler said. “This year the rate is $45 per hour and they supply everything for that rate.”

To offset costs, the Town of Wheatland, in addition to the villages of Salem Lakes and Paddock Lake plan to file a joint reimbursement request.



  1. DJ says:

    I fully support our fire department volunteers!! However, maybe its time to explore consolidating with Randall / Twin Lakes for both fire and police services. There is a ton of duplication in equipment on the fire side between the three departments. Great people, but i think we can do more with a bit of restructuring. The twin lakes cops are much closer than the sheriff most of the time. the constable program has been far outgrown. Again, great people serving us, just time to revisit better use of our money.

  2. DJ says:

    and i dont mean get rid of our wheatland volunteers at all. Just take a look at a better use of all the manpower and equipment. Afterall, 3 ladder trucks for this small area? Not a fireman, but that seems like alot?

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