Could Monroe County be McGee’s Plan B?

Although it is unclear if the Court of Appeals have decided on the placement of a convicted sex offender into a Town of Wheatland residence, it seems the Department of Health Services has sought another county to place Michael McGee, according to news sources.

Michael McGee

The placement of McGee, 54, convicted in 1987 of second-degree sexual assault and burglary in Racine County has been the subject of a long-standing legal battle in Kenosha County.

The legal battle started nearly a year ago, when authorities conducted a Wheatland Town Hall meeting, where residents learned McGee, a Chapter 980 placement, expected to reside next door to a family with a 1-year-old child.

McGee, 54, has resided at Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Facility in Mauston since his commitment in 1999.

Officials in Kenosha County and the Town of Wheatland have fought the DHS placement since May, when they sought injunctions and appeals to stop McGee’s placement.

Meanwhile, according to online appeals court records, the case is still awaiting a decision from a three judge panel in District 2.

But, according to a Monroe County Sheriff’s Department news release issued April 18, authorities there announced McGee expects placement into a residence near Tomah, on or before May 1.

The Westosha Report is awaiting comment from Kenosha County officials regarding McGee.


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