Central graduate attends Carthage College

Maria Salerno, a Westosha Central High School graduate, was among several scholars celebrated at Carthage College April 28.

The seventh annual Celebration of Scholars event is a poster exhibitions that features original research, scholarship and creative completed by Carthage students.

Salerno, of Salem Lakes, presented “Portrayal of Millennials in the Public Sphere: A Data Comparison Across Generations” at the event.

The presentation is her second on the subject, starting with an appearance at the 2017 National Conference on Undergraduate Research in Memphis held April 6-8, when she was one of 28 Carthage College students to attend.

According to the project’s abstract, the goal is to buck the national trend, which portrays Millennials as unmotivated and economically depressed.

“The Millennial generation is often portrayed by the media and popular culture as being something different from previous generations. These portrayals typically include a range of life-issues such as whether millennials lack motivation for employment, still live with their parents, are economically depressed, and are less politically involved,” the abstract states.

The characterizations, according to the abstract, are rooted in misperceptions instead of data and analysis.

“This research addresses that problem and will examine differences between the millennial generation and other generations on a range of dimensions including employment, income, marital status, and age of marriage, and residential location using Integrated Public Use Microdata Series (IPUMS) data,” the abstract added.

The data, the abstract states, represent a sample of respondents to the U.S. Decennial Census and the American Community Survey long form questionnaire.

With data compiled, it is compared to other generations, the abstract states.

“Data are harmonized so comparisons and statistical tests for differences are possible across generations,” the abstract added. “These data results of our statistical tests for difference of means will be compared to the assertions commonly found in the media and popular culture.”


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