Madi Hansen, of Westosha Central (left) and Maddie Martin from Wilmot Union High School had a record-breaking week in track.

In the last two track and field meets, anyone named Madi or Maddie have made their marks on the record books, starting with Tuesday’s Kenosha County Meet followed by the Borg Inviational Friday in Delavan-Darien.

Also, two Wilmot boys relay teams notched meet records of their own, which involved Anthony Poco, Matt Cieslak and Zac Schrader.

Starting with Westosha Central High School, senior Madi Hansen entered the Kenosha County Meet with a personal record 10-feet, but supplanted her career mark with a meet record 10-6 to finish first in the pole vault.

Hansen, however, upped the stakes on Friday, when she did it again at the Borg Invite, where she reached a new height of 11-0 to break that meet record.

Meanwhile, for Wilmot Union High School senior Maddie Martin, she reset her personal and school record in the 200-meter dash at Kenosha County Meet, where she also broke a second meet record in the 400 dash.

Last year, Martin set the 200-meter dash County Meet record.

Additionally, on Friday, Martin added her name to a fifth school record, helping her team which consisted of seniors Rachel Kostrova, Gretta Cieslak and Julia Shurtleff take first in the 1,600-meter relay.

The success, however, was not limited to Hansen and Martin.

Wilmot boys add two records
The Wilmot boys, who placed second at the Kenosha County Meet, received a record-breaking performance from one of their relay teams this week.

Three days after breaking the Kenosha County Meet record, three of four members on the 1,600 relay team which consisted of Cieslak, Poco and Schrader, the trio added another meet record in the 400 relay on Friday.

Jordan Jesse was on Tuesday’s 1,600 relay team while Robert Brent joined the trio at the Borg Invite.

The Westosha Report will have more on both meets in an upcoming print edition.

Below are results from Tuesday’s Kenosha County Meet hosted by Westosha Central.

The above footage is from Hansen’s jump at the Kenosha County Meet, courtesy of Westosha Central senior Lindsey Kimpler.

Team scores: 1. Indian Trail 153.5, 2. Wilmot Union 107, 3. Tremper 105, 4. Bradford 91, 5. St. Joseph 86.5, 6. Westosha Central 75, 7. Shoreland Lutheran 43.5, 8. Christian Life 33.5.

100 dash – 1. Jaylen Grant, ITA, 11.23a PR; 2. Austin Kurylo, WC, 11.29a PR; 3. Ricky Edwards, KT, 11.33a; 5. Zac Schrader, WIL, 11.61a PR; 8. Robert Brent, WIL, 11.69a.

200 dash – 1. Ethan Krueger, ITA, 23.14a; 2. Austin Kurylo, WC, 23.20a SR; 3. Ricky Edwards, KT, 23.22a SR; 4. Anthony Poco, WIL, 23.25a; 5. Matt Cieslak, WIL, 23.39a PR; 7. Jordan Jesse, WIL, 23.43a.

400 dash – 1. Matt Cieslak, WIL, 50.33a; 2. Austin Kurylo, WC, 51.23a; 3. Ethan King, KB, 51.69a PR.

800 dash – 1. Gable Schmidt, KT, 2:04.99a PR; 2. Steve Crane, KT, 2:07.17a SR; 3. Cameron Mills, KSJ, 2:07.40a PR; 5. Brock Muzzy, WIL, 2:12.03a; 7. Michael Mosback, WC, 2:16.28a; 8. Nathan Loeffler, WIL, 2:17.22a.

1600 run – 1. Steve Crane, KT, 4:42.63a PR; 2. Cameron Mills, KSJ, 4:43.47a SR; 3. Sheel Patel, WC, 4:45.41a PR; 6. Shawn Davis, WIL, 4:53.38a PR.

3200 run – 1. Ansel Fellman, KB, 9:46.81a; 2. Steven Wright, KCL, 9:54.88a PR; 3. Martin Haugstad, KT, 10:01.01a PR; 4. Sheel Patel, WC, 10:14.85a PR; 7. Alex Wank, WIL, 10:40.07.

110 hurdles – 1. Davonte Hale, KB, 15.78a; 2. Marquon Williams, KB, 15.97a; 3. Braedon Peterson, KSJ, 16.73a PR; 4. Cullen Ketterhagen, WIL, 16.83a.

300 hurdles – 1. Cullen Ketterhagen, WIL, 42.49a PR; 2. Matthew Craft, ITA, 42.72a PR; 3. Michael Craft, ITA, 43.01a SR; 5. Shawn Cummins Jr, WIL, 43.84a PR.

Shot put – 1. Sean Banaszak, ITA, 53-00.00 PR; 2. Hunter Huggins, WC, 46-05.00 PR; 3. Austin Glass, KCL, 46-03.25.

Discus – 1. Hunter Huggins, WC, 149-09; 2. Austin Glass, KCL, 132-07; 3. Najee Mitchell, KB, 131-00; 6. Tommy McClain, WC, 118-08 PR.

Pole vault – 1. Erik Tucknott, WIL, 12-00.00 SR; 2. Jake Raiman, WIL, 11-00.00; 3. Drew Hebior, WIL, 10-06.00 PR.

Long jump – 1. Riley Keckeisen, KT, 21-02.50; 2. Armani Carmickle, ITA, 20-11.00 SR; 3. Alex Jarvis, ITA, 19-10.50 PR; 4. Austin Kurylo, WC, 19-10.00; 5. Anthony Poco, WIL, 19-05.00; 6. Tim Freeman, WIL, 19-04.00.

Triple jump – 1. Alex Jarvis, ITA, 40-08.50; 2. Haifeng Chen, KSJ, 39-09.50; 3. Fred Steinmetz, KSJ, 39-07.50 SR; 7. Mason Welter, WC, 36-11.00.

400 relay – 1. Indian Trail 44.06a, 2. St. Joseph 44.93a, 3. Bradford 46.98a, 5. Westosha Central (Tyler Huffhines, Tyler Stone, Andrew Walsh, Joshua Engberg) 48.22a, 7.Wilmot Union (Anthony Poco, Robert Brent, Zac Schrader, Jordan Jesse) 50.43a.

800 relay – 1. Tremper 1:32.81a, 2. Indian Trail 1:33.53a, 3. St. Joseph 1:33.71a, 5. Wilmot Union (Liam McAloon, Shawn Cummins Jr, Austin Norton, Robert Brent) 1:36.83a.

1600 relay – 1. Wilmot Union (Anthony Poco, Jordan Jesse, Zac Schrader, Matt Cieslak) 3:24.50a, 2. Bradford 3:32.19a, 3. Indian Trail 3:34.43a, 7. Westosha Central (Tyler Stone, Austin Schwab, Tyler Andrews, Carson Meredith) 4:03.54a.

3200 relay – 1. St. Joseph 8:36.10a, 2. Tremper 8:38.17a, 3. Bradford 8:40.91a, 4. Wilmot Union (Alex Wank, Nathan Loeffler, Brock Muzzy, Jordan Paulsen) 8:44.51a, 5. Westosha Central (Brandon Horton, Colton Greenhill, Michael Mosback, Mason Hedrick) 9:02.65a.

Team scores: 1. Tremper 141, 2. Indian Trail 137, 3. Wilmot Union 111, 4. Westosha Central 96, 5. Kenosha Bradford 74, 6. Shoreland Lutheran 67, 7. St. Joseph 58, 8.Christian Life 2.

100 dash – 1. Madeline Troy, KT, 12.63a; 2. Alicia Jones, ITA, 12.93a PR; 3. Rachel Kostrova, WIL, 13.02a PR; 5. Jaden McKenna, WC, 13.42a SR.

200 dash – 1. Madeline Troy, KT, 26.05a; 2. Maddie Martin, WIL, 26.11a PR; 3. Miracle Varnell, KT, 27.58a; 8. Kayla Buchanan, WIL, 29.01a.

400 dash – 1. Maddie Martin, WIL, 58.66a SR; 2. Rachel Kostrova, WIL, 59.90a PR; 3. Rebekah Salfer, SL, 1:02.96a PR; 5. Amanda Sabourin, WC, 1:04.60a; 7. Jaden Morris, WC, 1:07.07a.

800 run – 1. Riley Hansen, KT, 2:21.01a; 2. Katherine Lesavich, KB, 2:28.51a PR; 3. Claire Swartz, KB, 2:28.91a PR; 8. Tara Nopenz, WIL, 2:38.55a PR.

1600 run – 1. Madison Taylor, ITA, 5:28.68a SR; 2. Emma Hupp, KT, 5:30.04a PR; 3. Molly Balch, ITA, 5:33.21a PR; 6. Claire Koeppel, WC, 5:51.62a PR.

3200 run – 1. Madison Taylor, ITA, 11:55.55a SR; 2. Lili Jaraczewski, KSJ, 11:59.97a PR; 3. Meghan Capra, WC, 12:04.67a SR; 8. Heaven Anderson, WC, 13:16.60a PR.

100 hurdles – 1. Madelyne Rossmann, KB, 16.32a; 2. Rebekah Salfer, SL, 17.44a PR; 3. Kylaira Harris, ITA, 17.89a; 5. Madi Hansen, WC, 18.61a.

300 hurdles – 1. Ashlee Miller, KB, 47.94a PR; 2. Alicia Jones, ITA, 49.77a PR; 3. Madelyne Rossmann, KB, 50.49a PR; 4. Julia Ziemelis, WC, 51.63a; 6. Madi Hansen, WC, 52.39a; 8. Katlin Kovacek, WIL, 54.03a.

Discus – 1. Amanda Sabourin, WC, 117-04; 2. Amanda Brug, SL, 91-01; 3. Emily Bonnes, ITA,88-10 PR; 4. Jenna Sheen, WC, 83-08 PR; 5. Claire Lawrence, WC, 82-00.

High jump – 1. Julissa Scott, WIL, 5-02.00; 1. Samantha Serak, WIL, 5-02.00; 3. Becca Bell, WIL, 5-02.00 PR; 8. Korin Madrigano, WC, 4-08.00.

Pole vault – 1. Madi Hansen, WC, 10-06.00 PR; 2. Nyssa Zuehls, WIL, 9-06.00; 3. Jessica Zeitler, WIL, 9-06.00; 5. Isabella Andersen, WIL, 8-00.00 SR.

Triple jump – 1. Kristen Carlson, WIL, 35-01.50 PR; 2. Grace Wavro, KSJ, 34-00.50 PR; 3. Brenna Maloney, WC, 32-08.00 PR.

400 relay – 1. Bradford 52.21a, 2. Westosha Central (Jaden McKenna, Twila Dovas, Kylie Shane, Amanda Sabourin) 52.96a, 3. Wilmot Union (Kayla Buchanan, Alyssa Muzzy, Teresse Nunez, Caylee Pearson) 54.02a.

800 relay – 1. Tremper 1:47.88a, 2. Bradford 1:51.24a, 3. Westosha Central (Jaden McKenna, Brenna Maloney, Raylene Gonzalez, Jenna Sheen) 1:56.17a, 5. Wilmot Union (Alana Bell, Alyssa Muzzy, Caylee Pearson, Kayla Buchanan) 1:59.78a.

1600 relay – 1. Wilmot Union (Julia Shurtleff, Rachel Kostrova, Gretta Cieslak, Maddie Martin) 4:12.16a, 2. Westosha Central (Kylie Shane, Amanda Sabourin, Jaden Morris, Julia Ziemelis) 4:21.55a, St. Joseph 4:26.88a.

3200 relay – 1. Tremper 9:52.01a, 2. St. Joseph 10:18.09a, 3. Westosha Central (Julia Ziemelis, Heaven Anderson, Mackenzie Maccaux, Meghan Capra) 10:20.70a, 5. Wilmot Union (Alana Bell, Gretta Cieslak, Tara Nopenz, Katie Strother).


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