The Studio 25 Art Creations team includes Cindy Munsen, Owner/Instructor Amanda Munsen and Gordon Munsen.

WHAT: Studio 25 Art Creations Inc.
WHERE: 5 Nippersink Boulevard, Fox Lake, Ill.
CONTACT: (224) 225-1563

By Jason Arndt

Amanda Munsen is not just an owner of an art studio, but an artist herself, and wanted to share her passion with her hometown of Fox Lake, Ill.

Munsen, who opened Studio 25 Art Creations last November, discovered her passion for art while attending the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

“There was always something that I loved about art, teaching, and my love for Fox Lake, but that was not my initial mindset when going to La Crosse,” Munsen said. “But as all life discoveries happen, it took a few twists and turns in the road until I found what I truly wanted to do and what I wanted to bring to my hometown.”

After she graduated from UW-La Crosse in 2013, she returned Fox Lake, where she and her Studio 25 “team” started at-home paint parties.

Her team consists of parents, Cindy and Gordon, who have shown support for Munsen’s efforts to give back to the community.

“Studio 25 is a very family-oriented art studio and I have been lucky enough to have my parents, family, and friends by my side through this new adventure I took on,” said Munsen, who reportedly has customers in the Southern Wisconsin region.

Meanwhile, as her paint parties gained exposure, Munsen and her supportive team decided to open a permanent place on Nippersink Boulevard.

Munsen, who offers classes tailored for the family, said paint and sip courses have been the largest draw.

To attend paint and sip classes, students are required to have identification indicating they are 21 years old.

“We do the very popular and fun paint and sip parties!” Munsen said. “We can hold up to 35 people in our location, but we also occasionally travel.”

She said the classes give adults freedom to express themselves through their artwork.

“The paint and sip classes are definitely the hook for most people,” Munsen said. “I love it because it allows adults to enjoy themselves with friends and family in a setting where you are creating and trying new things.”

Although the classes are the most popular, Munsen also offers courses for grade-school children and teenagers, whom she hopes to inspire.

“One of our main reasons on wanting to bring the studio into Fox Lake was to give teens and kids a place to explore the arts and their creative side,” she said. “Throughout the school year, we work with the local middle schools and Grant Community High School to display student artwork.”

Previously, she held a paint party for a Girl Scout troop, which delivered a presentation about entrepreneurship.

“As of right now, we have public kid’s paint parties, which are for ages 8 to 12,” she said. “We also have teen paint nights every second Saturday of the month.”

Munsen’s passion goes beyond the walls of Studio 25, however, with a Community Art Mosaic in the Village of Fox Lake.

The Community Art Mosaic, a Fox Lake initiative, was created to bolster community involvement in the arts.

“When the studio first came into Fox Lake we, Studio 25, were approached by the village with an idea on how to create a piece for the community while having the locals be involved as well,” Munsen said. “We plan on doing a new mosaic each year for the community. In fact, we just started working with the Village of Fox Lake with this year’s design ideas.”

However, without her family, her vision and dedication to the community would not have occurred.

“My family has always been a huge support system and I couldn’t imagine going on this journey without them,” she said. “As I was growing up, they always encouraged my passions and I wanted to give another place to let families have that outlet.”

Munsen, who has yet to take her show to the communities in Racine, Kenosha and Walworth counties, is open to conveying artistic expression to new territories.

“We are always open to new locations,” she said. “We love to spread the love of art wherever we can!”


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