Austin Kurylo, shown here in last year’s state meet, was the Southern Lakes Conference track athlete of the year (File Photo/The Report).

Six on softball first-team, five for baseball

By Jason Arndt

When an athlete captures three Southern Lakes Conference track championships, it leaves little doubt the competitor would receive Athlete of the Year honors, which happened at Westosha Central High School.

On the same day Austin Kurylo walked the stage, the SLC announced the eventually Division 2 University of Minnesota-Duluth football commit as the Athlete of Year, which validated his rigorous work ethic.

“I’m glad all my hard work payed off, I just wish I would’ve finished the season better,” said Kurylo, who was hampered by a sore hamstring in one of his last meets. “I pulled my hamstring at regionals and did my best at sectionals, but still came up short.”

Kurylo, however, did not come up short on the Westosha Central record books as a senior.

Along with 50.45 seconds in the 400-meter dash, Kurylo notched a school-record 21-feet-10 at the Southern Lakes Conference meet, where he won the 100 and 200 dash.

Overall, in the 100 dash, Kurylo won three of his six meets as a senior. For the 200, he placed first in three of five meets, and finished among the top five in the 400 dash at five meets.

Kurylo, also a first-team all-conference defensive back, looks to extend his football career at Division 2 University of Minnesota-Duluth.

After a short rest, Kurylo reportedly plans to start weight training and conditioning in anticipation of his Bulldogs career.

Softball draws six first-teamers
For Southern Lakes Conference champion Westosha Central, the Falcons received three first-team all-conference selections, seniors Kira Mickelson, Alyssa Hrncar and junior Kayla Kerkman.

The Panthers, who finished second in the SLC, had three honorees, including seniors Kalyssa Koehn and Riley Regnier along with sophomore Haley Lamberson.

Five first-team baseball honorees
Wilmot, which finished second in the SLC, had juniors Kyle Gendron and Gunner Peterson along with sophomore Tanner Peterson earn first-team recognition.

The Falcons were led by senior Trent Jones and junior Josh Leslie.

Athlete of the Year:
Zach Campbell, pitcher, Burlington.

First team:
Aaron Sturdevant, sr, Burlington
Pitchers: Zach Campbell, sr, Burlington; Kyle Gendron, jr, Wilmot
Infielders: Jet Weber, sr, Elkhorn; Matthew Korman, sr, Waterford; Josh Leslie, jr, Westosha Central; Tanner Peterson, so, Wilmot.
Outfielders: Cameron Prailes, sr, Waterford; Trent Jones, sr, Westosha Central; Gunner Peterson, jr, Wilmot.

Second team:
Catcher: Garrett Gilbert, sr, Westosha Central
Pitchers: Nolan Rebernick, sr, Union Grove; Troy Hickey, sr, Wilmot.
Infielders: Dale Damon, jr, Burlington; Jacob Lindemann, sr, Burlington; Noal Brouwer, jr, Delavan-Darien; Ryan Jungbauer, sr, Waterford.
Outfielders: Ethan Cesarz, sr, Delavan-Darien; Nick Rockweiler, so, Elkhorn; AJ Frisby, jr, Wilmot.

Honorable Mention:
Tyler Love, sr, Badger, outfielder; Colton Surges, Badger, jr, outfielder; Trey Krause, Burlington, so, outfielder; Jake Benzing, sr, Delavan-Darien, outfielder; Ian Nowell, sr, Elkhorn, outfielder; Alec Spang, jr, Union Grove, catcher; Nicholas Dugandzic, sr, Waterford; catcher; Nolan DeGreef, sr, Waterford, outfielder; Aaron Chapman, jr, Waterford, infielder; Alex Salerno, so, Westosha Central, pitcher; Justin Paasch, jr, Wilmot, infielder.

Athlete of the Year:

Kallista Hribar, catcher, Union Grove.

First team:
Alyssa Hrncar, sr, Westosha Central.
Catcher: Kallista Hribar, sr, Union Grove.
Infielders: Kira Mickelson, sr, Westosha Central; Kalyssa Koehn, sr, Wilmot; Kayla Kerkman, jr, Westosha Central; Riley Regnier, sr, Wilmot; Rachel Gosh, jr, Elkhorn; Madison Hunt, so, Badger.
Outfielders: Morgyn DeLara, sr, Delavan-Darien; Haley Lamberson, so, Wilmot.

Second team:
Pitcher: Sarah Hutchinson, sr, Wilmot
Catcher: Hunter Huber, sr, Delavan-Darien; Taylor Danielson, sr, Wilmot
Infielders: Haley Remington, fr, Elkhorn; Jaina Westphal, jr, Burlington; Gracie Peterson, fr, Burlington; Calla Esch, jr, Waterford; Montana Platts, jr, Wilmot.
Outfielders: Megan Hribar, sr, Union Grove; Carrie Weis, sr, Westosha Central.

Honorable Mention: Cayleen Ryan, sr, Badger, infielder; Josie Klein, jr, Burlington, pitcher; Jaida Speth, jr, Delavan-Darien, pitcher/infielder; Izabella Regner, fr, Elkhorn, pitcher; Bailey Berger, fr, Union Grove, outfielder; Brooke Walek, so, Waterford, utility; Sarai Roberts, sr, Westosha Central, outfielder; Andrea Edquist, jr, Westosha Central, catcher; Anna Devall, jr, Wilmot, catcher/outfielder.

Athlete of the Year:

Morgan McCourt, jr, forward, Burlington.

First team:

Forwards: Morgan McCourt, jr, Burlington; Lauren Torhorst, sr, Waterford; Alexa Panyk, so, Union Grove.
Midfielders: Ashlyn Barry, sr, Burlington; Suleimy Perez, jr, Delavan-Darien; Megan Barber, fr, Union Grove.
Defenders: Lexie Reesman, sr, Burlington; Carlista Panyk, so, Union Grove; Caroline Terry, sr, Elkhorn.
Goalie: Cora Anderson, fr, Burlington.
At Large: Olivia May, jr, Elkhorn.

Second team:
Brittany Gestrich, so, Badger; Mya Peterson, sr, Union Grove; Lecsa Sesing, jr, Elkhorn.
Midfielders: Joy French, jr, Waterford; Cameron Jacobson, jr, Elkhorn; Jessa Burling, jr, Burlington.
Defenders: Alyssa Borkowski, sr, Badger; Jenna Ritzman, sr, Waterford; Carol Lima, jr, Delavan-Darien.
Goalie: Mia Guyton, fr, Union Grove.
At Large: Hannah Anderson, sr, Burlington.

Honorable Mention:
Kelsey Reece, so, Badger, defender; Amelia Crabtree, fr, Burlington, forward; Alyssa Gonzales, sr, Delavan-Darien, midfielder; Alex Gonzales, sr, Elkhorn, midfielder; Natalie Oatsvall, so, Union Grove, forward; Kenzie Malecki, jr, Waterford, forward; Lindsey Kimpler, sr, Westosha Central, midfielder; McKenna Stanek, sr, Wilmot, defender.

Athlete of the Year:

Eric Chambers, sr, Union Grove

First team:

Eric Chambers, sr, 74.5, Union Grove; Connor Duggan, jr, 75.5, Badger; Blake Wisdom, so, 75.75, Badger; Justin Meseberg, sr, 76.25, Burlington, Jackson Rademaker, sr, 76.5, Badger.

Second team:
Connor Brown, so, 76.75, Union Grove; Zach Kramer, sr, 76.75, Westosha Central; Zach Strasser, jr, 78, Wilmot; Paul Lynch, fr, 78.75, Westosha Central; Kirby Befort, sr, 81.75, Badger.

Honorable Mention:
Jonathan Duggan, sr, Badger; Danny Capozzi, sr, Burlington; Matt Pierson, so, Delavan-Darien; Liam Ahler, jr, Elkhorn; Taylor Maxwell, jr, Union Grove; Josh Kosarek, fr, Waterford; Jack Polick, jr, Westosha Central; Cody Faber, sr, Wilmot.

Athlete of the Year:

Mason Sniatynski, so, Badger.

First team:
Mason Sniatynski, so, Badger; Jacob Ludwig, jr, Burlington; Alec Dam, jr, Union Grove; Cooper Ferruzzi, fr, Westosha Central.
Doubles: Peter Merry/Wyatt Van Dyke, jr/so, Badger; ClaytonMaurer/Nico Zellinger, sr/jr, Union Grove; Lucas Graveley/Felix Desimoni, sr/jr, Westosha Central.

Second team:
Jordan Lauer, fr, Badger; Colin Passler, jr, Elkhorn; Brant Christensen, sr, Elkhorn; Andrew Brockman, sr, Waterford.
Doubles: Ian Schirtzinger/Tim Von Seth, sr/sr, Badger; Andrew Zeman/ Malik Tiedt, jr/so, Burlington; Seth Grabow/Jakob Driscoll, jr/jr, Delavan-Darien; Colin Mast/Trevor Millhouse, jr/jr, Westosha Central.

Honorable Mention:

Avaish Pirzada/Jack Wright, sr/sr, Badger; Resse Crull/Issac Garcia, so/so, Delavan-Darien; Nick White, so, Elkhorn; Jacob Bosman, sr, Elkhorn; Si Babu, sr, Elkhorn; Jacob Genal, sr, Union Grove; Gage Reynolds, sr, Westosha Central; Alex Tenhagen,.jr, Wilmot.

Athlete of the Year:

Austin Kurylo, sr, Westosha Central.

Honorable Mention:

Luis Gordillo, jr, Badger; Josh Insor, sr, Burlington; Julien Reviere, sr, Delavan-Darien; Derek Davey, jr, Elkhorn; Brendan Farmer, sr, Union Grove; Sean Pritchard, jr, Waterford; Hunter Huggin, sr, Westosha Central; Anthony Poco, jr, Wilmot.

Athlete of the Year:

Haleigh Reindl, jr, Waterford.

Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Bullock, sr, Badger; Megan Wallace, sr, Burlington; Erin Sorg, jr, Delavan-Darien; Isabella Ewan, so, Elkhorn; Riley McMahon, sr, Union Grove; Emily Nicholls, so, Waterford; Amanda Sabourin, sr, Westosha Central; Madi Hansen, sr, Westosha Central; Maddie Martin, sr, Wilmot.


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