Highway 50 remains closed as of Saturday evening after torrential rains flooded the Fox River near the state road. Facing East, the highway still has extensive spillage from the Fox River (Jason Arndt/The Report).

The Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department continues to caution motorists traveling on highways as crews continue to make necessary repairs, according to a news release issued Monday afternoon.

The release said four roads, which are listed below, remain closed.

  • Highway 50 at the Fox River Bridge (Highway W)
  • Highway W north of Highway F
  • Highway B from Highway F to Highway AH
  • Highway EA from Highway S to Highway L

“We ask that citizens traveling in Kenosha County please note that the Kenosha County Highway Department is now working vigorously to repair any roadway or ditch line that may have been compromised from the floodwaters,” the release states. “These areas are sporadic and ongoing. Caution while traveling should always be observed.”


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