Wilmot senior Jacob Gerzel, a first team honoree, intercepts a pass against Union Grove earlier this season (Earlene Frederick/The Report).

Frederick sole Westosha first team honoree

Wilmot Union High Union had five football first team all-Southern Lakes Conference selections while Westosha Central produced its second in two seasons.

Of the five Panthers’ representatives, four earned recognition on the first team for the first time, with senior Zack Christopherson receiving his second straight honor as a linebacker.

First time recipients were junior offensive lineman Branden Spencer, junior defensive lineman Kevin Brenner, junior linebacker Tanner Peterson and senior defensive back Jacob Gerzel.

For Westosha Central, however, senior wide receiver Nic Frederick earned first team recognition to give the Falcons a representative for the second straight year.

Last year, Austin Kurylo snapped a skid dating back to 2014, when Luke Blair received the honor at linebacker.

Seven on second team
Collectively, both Westosha Central and Wilmot have seven second team honorees, with the Falcons notching four.

In addition to senior quarterback Jaden Jackson, other Falcons earning recognition were sophomore offensive lineman Charles Feeney, senior defensive back Tyler Huffhines and junior punter Adam Simmons.

For the Panthers, they had junior running back Austin Norton, junior offensive lineman Noah Coleman and senior defensive lineman Gunner Peterson on the second team.

Honorable Mention
Receiving honorable mention from the Panthers were senior running back Robert Brent and senior kicker Anthony Poco.

Westosha Central, meanwhile, had senior defensive lineman Jacob Ellerbrock, junior wide receiver Cam Krueger and junior tight end Jared Gehrke receive honorable mention.

Off. Player of the Year: Will Keller, Badger, 12
QB, Nick Klug, Burlington, 12.
RB, Will Keller, Badger, 12
RB, Tanner Keller, Waterford, 10
WR, Nick Webley, Burlington, 11
WR, Jack Pettit, Union Grove, 12
WR, Nic Frederick, Westosha Central, 12
TE, Joe Tully, Burlington, 12
OL, Sarek Hoerth, Badger, 12
OL, Sam Kaider, Badger, 12
OL, Nathan Bousman, Burlington, 11
OL, Zach Stiewe, Waterford, 12
OL, Branden Spencer, Wilmot, 11
K, Patrick Goldammer, Waterford, 12

Def. Player of the Year: Aaron Chapman, Waterford, 12
DL, Alex Evans, Badger, 12
DL, Ben Golon, Burlington, 12
DL, Jack Trautman, Waterford, 12
DL, Kevin Brenner, Wilmot, 11
LB, Daniel Noll, Waterford, 12
LB, Benjamin Michalowski, Waterford, 12
LB, Zack Christopherson, Wilmot, 12
LB, Tanner Peterson, Wilmot, 11
DB, Nick Aufmuth, Badger, 12
DB, Aaron Chapman, Waterford, 12
DB, Jacob Gerzel, Wilmot, 12
P, Joe Tully, Burlington, 12
P, William Ketterhagen, Waterford, 12

QB, Alec Spang, Union Grove, 12
QB, Jaden Jackson, Westosha Central, 12
RB, Grant Tully, Burlington, 12
RB, Austin Norton, Wilmot, 11
WR, Aaron Chapman, Waterford, 12
TE, Angelo Camalieri, Badger, 12
OL, Alex Evans, Badger, 12,
OL, Brian Konz, Burlington, 11
OL, Jake Francisco, Waterford, 11
OL, Charles Feeney, Westosha Central, 10
OL, Noah Coleman, Wilmot, 11
K, Josh Taddeo, Badger, 11

DL, Nathan Borst, Badger, 11
DL, Boyd Biggs, Waterford, 11
DL, Gunner Peterson, Wilmot, 12
LB, Brett Adams, Badger, 11
LB, Braden O’Laughlin, Badger, 12
LB, Nate Crayton, Burlington, 12
LB, Devin Shibilski, Union Grove, 12
DB, Austin Flower, Badger, 12
DB, Grant Tully, Burlington, 12
DB, William Ketterhagen, Waterford, 12
DB, Tyler Huffhines, Westosha Central, 12
P, Adam Simmons, Westosha Central, 11

QB, Colton Surges, Badger, 12
QB, Dakota Williams, Delavan-Darien, 12
RB, Benjamin Michalowski, Waterford, 12
RB, Robert Brent, Wilmot, 12
WR, Logan Rios, Delavan-Darien, 12
WR, Cameron Krueger, Westosha Central, 11
TE, Jared Gehrke, Westosha Central, 11
OL, Justin Johnson, Delavan-Darien, 12
K, Anthony Poco, Wilmot, 12

DL, Jacob Ellerbrock, Westosha Central, 12
DL, Sage Rushing, Elkhorn, 11
LB, Ross Gengler, Delavan-Darien, 11
DB, Harrison George, Burlington, 12


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