By Gail Peckler-Dziki

The Salem Lakes Village budget hearing held at 7 p.m. on Nov. 13 lasted about five minutes with no residents asking any questions.

When the hearing closed, the Salem Lakes Village Board unanimously approved the 2018 Salem Lakes budget, with trustee Ted Kmiec attending remotely and Laura Francart excused due to a family emergency.

After 2018, Salem Lakes residents will have one tax bill. For 2018, those who reside in the Silver Lake area will receive a tax bill specific to that area while those living in the former Salem area will receive a bill specific to that area.

The Silver Lake portion of the 2018 tax levy is $827,700, up $6,700 from the 2017 levy of $821,000.

The assessed value of that area was $166,137,300 in 2017 and has risen by over $1 million to $167,294,100 for 2018.

The mill rate for the Silver Lake area was $4.941 in 2017, rising slightly to $4.947 in 2018, a .12 percent increase.

The 2017 levy in the Salem area was $3,510,900 and will increase by 1.744 percent in 2018 to $3,572,100, which is an increase of $61,200.

Salem area residents will see their mill rate drop by 6.88 percent from $3.478 in 2017 to $3.239 in 2018.

The total levy for village was $4,739,100 in 2017. The 2018 total levy rose $76,800 to $4,815,900.

According to village officials, all residents of Salem Lakes ought to have the same mill rate next year.

When Salem was a town, the electors approved the budget prior to the town board approving it. As a village, residents may make comments but have no vote.


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