DeeDee Adamecz, Michael Adamecz, Ryan Adamecz, Jimmy Adamecz, and Dave Adamecz finish cutting the ribbon at the Westosha Sports Complex grand opening Jan. 13 (Earlene Frederick/The Report).

Westosha Sports Complex opened Jan. 13

By Jason Arndt

Zach Strasser will not have travel as far to hone his golf skills, thanks to a local family whose dream of opening a sports complex came true Jan. 13, when the Westosha Sports Complex held its grand opening.

The complex, 1215 N. Pryor St, Silver Lake, features two virtual golf simulators and seven batting tunnels to help students strengthen their proficiency on the range and the ball diamond.

“It is awesome, I get to practice a lot during the cold months and it is really fun,” said Strasser, a senior who plays on Wilmot Union High School varsity golf team.

Before Westosha Sports Complex opened, Strasser traveled to Hawk’s View Golf Course in Lake Geneva, but the new facility is right in his backyard.

Zach Strasser

“I go to Hawk’s View, but for me, that is a pretty long drive, so this being two minutes away from my house is perfect,” he said.

The perfect location came to fruition in August, when the Village of Salem Lakes approved the sale of the two-acre property to Dave Adamecz, who saw an opportunity about a year earlier in South Milwaukee.

“About a year ago, my wife and I were actually at Hitters in South Milwaukee. All of the parents who were with me said it would be cool to have something like this here,” said Adamecz, who operates the facility with his wife, DeeDee.

One of the couple’s three sons, 20-year-old Michael, is also involved in the business. Their two other children are Jimmy, 23 and Ryan, 10.

About two months after the village approved the sale, the family broke ground on the Pryor Street property in October.

According to Dave Adamecz, the new complex gives area coaches an opportunity to instruct their players closer to home.

“We knew a bunch of coaches that went to a bunch of other places during the winter and they wanted a closer facility,” he said. “So we just came up with this idea.”

The 10,436-square-foot complex offers HitTrax, a baseball simulator that measures real-time data, and displays live results.

Additionally, five of the seven batting tunnels are retractable to allow coaches to conduct infield drills, according to Adamecz.

Cost to rent a hitting tunnel for an hour is $40, and for 30 minutes, it is $25.

The HitTrax costs $35 for 30 minutes.

The golf simulator costs $30 per hour on weekdays, and $35 during the weekend.

The complex also offers annual and family memberships.

“We hope to see kids in the community get better and have a place to get better, that is our main goal,” Adamecz said.


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