Lakewood School National Junior Honors Society students collaborated on a fundraiser to benefit Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Top row, left: Teachers Naomi Rauch, Missy Olson; students Jacob Camacho and Elizabeth Craig, teacher Sheryl Camacho. Third: Teacher Emily Singer, students Ashley Letarte, Will Kunz, Gabby Olson, Destiny Schick, teachers Stacy Destree and Stephanie Nelson. Second: Grace McCormick, Kyan Henderie, Faith Larose. Front: Isaac Larose, Briggs Kafar (Jason Arndt/The Report).

NJHS donates to Children’s Hospital

By Jason Arndt

In recent years, Lakewood School in Twin Lakes went without a dance, until a group of dedicated National Junior Honors Society students made one possible last December.

The dedication, which also involved raising funds during basketball games, showed on Monday when the dozen students presented a check for $700 to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Cancer Care Fund.

Brenna Larson, a Children’s Hospital representative, said the student group’s fundraiser is amazing.

“It is truly incredible, especially when kids are coming together to help other kids,” said Larson, who serves as an events assistant for hospital’s foundation. “The amount they raised is amazing and shows their incredible dedication.”

The school’s two NJHS co-advisors, Missy Olson and Sheryl Camacho, reports the students started collaborating on the dance as part of the organization’s community service project.

Camacho, who also serves as a Response to Intervention teacher, said NJHS students chose Children’s Hospital as the beneficiary by a vote.

“They had to do a service project, so they wanted to do a fundraiser,” Camacho said. “Then they all voted for it and decided it would be the cancer fund for the hospital.”

Since the students were given discretion, Olson believes the group took ownership of the project, which included several responsibilities.

Responsibilities involved planning, compiling a song list, and reaching out to other feeder schools about the dance.

“Lakewood hasn’t had a dance in many, many years, so a lot of planning went in to that,” Olson said. “They got the playlist together, got all of the volunteers together to collect money, so that took a lot of time.”

Olson said NJHS students volunteered to run concession stands for the last two months during basketball games.

Meanwhile, according to Camacho, the students decorated the gymnasium before the dance.

Aside from the recent contribution to Children’s Hospital, the NJHS students have conducted other community service events, including babysitting and helping with the school’s annual Easter egg event.

Larson reports the hospital will apply the donation to services involving cancer care for children.


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