Authorities said a report of a suspect chasing two children, which forced lockdowns of Salem Grade and Trevor-Wilmot schools, was a hoax.

The lockdowns happened towards the end of school dismissal, when the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department received call from a resident of a nearby home who said two children were chased by a man as they were leaving the school around 3:30 p.m.

In response, Sheriff’s deputies searched the area for the suspects, and school officials from Salem Grade and Trevor-Wilmot locked down their buildings.

While Trevor-Wilmot lifted its lockdown in 15 minutes, Salem stayed closed, but Salem eventually released the students after the children said the incident was a hoax.

Trevor-Wilmot, which reported the lockdown on social media, said the procedure was for “precautionary reasons as the actual situation was at another school.”

Students safely left Trevor-Wilmot School, the post states.


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