By Jason Arndt

When Lt. Josh Cooper departed the Twin Lakes Police Department last fall, Police Chief Adam Grosz and Capt. Dennis Linn have seen an increased supervisory workload, but the Village Board could consider eliminating the Lieutenant position to create two Sergeant positions.

The elimination, which was discussed at the April 2 Committee of the Whole meeting, came at Grosz’s request.

“The majority of his duties were administrative,” said Grosz. “What we are lacking right now is a supervisors outlook and the ability to make decisions.”

Without a Lieutenant, Grosz and Linn have taken more calls from officers who request supervisory guidance.

The consideration to create two Sergeant positions, however, comes with a sticking point.

“We used to have Sergeants, the problem with those positions is they were with the same union as the officers,” said Grosz. “What I am proposing is that we take those positions out of the union.”

The Twin Lakes Police Officers Association, Local 322 serves village officers.

Village Trustee Tom Connolly, serving as acting chairman with the absence of President Howard Skinner, expressed concern about the police union’s position on the potential change.

“The question I have is, how does the officers’ union look at this,” Connolly asked.

Village Administrator Jennifer Frederick, who reportedly sought feedback from the union, said union officials are receptive to the changes.

“The union is aware of this potential,” Frederick said. “Not only are they okay with it, they are actually excited for the opportunity, because they are very limited in advancement options for our officers.”

Meanwhile, Trustee Kevin Fitzgerald inquired about costs associated with creating two Sergeant positions.

Grosz, noting there was some savings, referred the question to Frederick.

“We saw about $3,000 in savings,” Frederick said.

The two Sergeant positions, according to Grosz, will not add officers to the payroll, and instead, he plans to look at internal candidates.

Before Cooper departed, he made about $64,000, Grosz said.


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