By Gail Peckler-Dziki

The Salem Lakes Village Board approved a new vendor to upgrade its website at the April 16 special board meeting.

The board approved Dooley and Associates after Alexandra Robinson’s recommendation.

Robinson, in charge of the website and social media, also garnered proposals from Gov Office and Civic Plus.

She said the Dooley Associates Plan was least expensive and more user-friendly compared to other two. The initial cost would range between $7,200 and $9,800 with an annual service fee of less than $1,000 along with a third party email blast of about $1,500.

The Gov Office plan, meanwhile, carried a price tag of nearly $8,000 for the new website and two consult sessions. Annual service fee for security, hosting and technical assistance would be between $1,700 and $1,800 with an additional cost of $2,520 for third party email blasts.

The Civics Plus plan would initially cost over $19,000 with a price tag of $3,500 for annual services.

Riverview parking issues
A few years ago, the former Silver Lake Village Board dealt with parking issues around Riverview School, where students walked in the middle of the street either to, or from, the school. Certain signs were put in place to curb the problem.

Not all the signs, according to Village Trustee Bill Hopkins, continue to serve a purpose.

After a 20-minute discussion, the board decided to contact and work with Riverview District Administrator Jon Schleusner to review traffic patterns and potentially created more effective signage to keep students safe.

No littering
During citizen comments, Sue Milligan, Salem Lakes resident who lives in Valmar subdivision, brought a littering problem to the board’s attention.

“My husband, neighbor and myself pick up about five bags of garbage on a regular basis off 286th Street,” she said.

The littering, she said, happens in a four-block stretch near the bridge.

There are no houses along the road there and Milligan believes one of the offenders discards litter from fast food restaurants and even leaves the credit card receipts in the bag.

She gave the receipts to the village board, noting that quite a number of them have the same last four digits of a credit card number, which gives her reason to believe the trash comes from the same person.

“Does the village have a littering ordinance and could you please put up signs noting the ordinance and fine? It might make some think before they toss out garbage.”

In response, public works supervisor Mike Murdoch said he had signs and they would be put up.


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