Board Vice President Rhett Suhre presents Patricia Platts, a longtime Lakewood School Board member, with a plaque commemorating her years of dedicated service to the school at an April 18 board meeting (Jason Arndt/The Report).

By Jason Arndt

For Patricia Platts, she had an unprecedented tenure on the Lakewood School Board, where the longtime member played witness to multiple changes since she took a seat nearly four decades ago.

Platts, who served the board for more than 37 years, ended her tenure on April 18 when her colleagues honored her during the regular meeting.

According to Board President Amanda Hahn, Platts always showed up to every board meeting with a pleasant demeanor and smile.

“She is always pleasant, always has a smile on her face,” Hahn said.

Platts’ contributions, however, went beyond the scope of a board member.

Hahn, noting her four adult children went to Lakewood, also remained dedicated to the community.

“She has served for over 37 years, not only in the school board capacity, she has had children in our school,” Hahn said.

“She has been a familiar face in our district for a very long time, she is very active within our community and she cares so much about the students at Lakewood.”

Platts, who said her tenure was blessing, enjoyed seeing the growth of Lakewood School.

“It has been fun, it has been interesting,” she said. “I am very blessed, I love children. Children are my life.”

The children, she said, will keep her coming back to Lakewood as a volunteer.

Board Vice President Rhett Suhre, who presented Platts with a plaque repurposed from the former gym floor, acknowledged she will continue to serve the school in some capacity.

“It is in recognition from Twin Lakes School District No. 4, we would like to thank Patricia Platts for 37 plus years,” Suhre said. “We put the plus, because she is not leaving, she is volunteering.”


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