The Report plans to profile student-athletes who have participated in three sports, and will post their thoughts on why they chose to play more than one sport, and what they enjoy the most about academics at their respective school.

More profiles will be forthcoming, and will post them as they become available.

Noah Coleman

Name: Noah Coleman
School: Wilmot Union High School
Year: Junior

Fall Sport and proudest moment (and why) – Football.
Lettering my sophomore year was my proudest moment, I’ll never forget all the morning lifts, speed and agility drill, and summer two-a-days that got me in the position to letter and it was exciting being recognized for that hard work .

Winter Sport and proudest moment (and why) – Basketball.
My proudest moment was the regional game against Elkhorn. The energy and emotion on the bench that night was electric and haven’t been prouder to be a Panther than that night.

Spring Sport and proudest moment (and why) – Track.
After playing two years of tennis I decided to do track on advice from my football coach that I could excel in the sport. I had never previously thrown disc and in my 3rd meet I was able to get on the leaderboard and it really proved to me that if I work in that sport I could possible excel.

Sport I find the most success in (and why): Football has always been the sport I’ve been best at. It always just seemed I was built for it. Also, it’s such a blessing to have had such good coaches and teammates around me to guide me towards success.

Why I play three sports: Sports has taught me almost as much as a classroom ever could, if not more. The way to work and communicate with others, how to deal with success and adversity. How to compete and be a part of a team. Learning all of this through sports has led to some of the best experiences of my life, and playing three sports just gives me more opportunity to do what I love.

Favorite part of playing three sports: The best part of being apart of so many sports is the feeling that you never stop. You never stop competing. You never stop working and that’s easily the best part, the work that goes into it.

Most challenging sport to play (and why): Football is the most challenging because, in order to be successful, there cannot be an offseason. Whether it is the morning lifts, 7 on 7s, summer camps, or the in-season, you aren’t allowed to stop if you want to be good. You have to keep grinding and working otherwise you will fall behind. Also during the games, you have to adjust to what the defense is doing and communicate with your team to be succesful.

Proudest academic achievement (and why): My proudest moment has been getting a 32 on my ACT. This proved to me that through preparation, I can be as successful as I want to be in life and that I decide my own success.

The school subject I am most enthusiastic about (and why): Physics or any of the engineering classes I’ve taken have been my favorite by far. Just being able to use math or whatever we learn in class and use it to solve real-world problems is so gratifying.

Activities outside of sports and school: Since I’m so busy with sports year-round, I do not have a lot of time for other commitments, though I always water ski and wakeboard during the summer, as well as working for my family at Coleman Tool in Union Grove.


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