Myles Kazumura

Name: Myles Kazumura
School: Westosha Central High School
Year: Sophomore

Fall Sport and proudest moment (and why) – Football.
My proudest moment was catching the go-ahead touchdown against Elkhorn with less than a minute left because the crowd was going crazy and I had helped us win the game.

Winter Sport and proudest moment (and why) – Basketball.
Beating Waterford at home because there were a lot of people there and we were able to get some moment going for varsity.

Spring Sport and proudest moment (and why) – Baseball.
Proudest moment was going 2-3 with a walk and a double in a win against Badger because it was my first game leading off and I was able to showcase my abilities as a hitter.

Sport I find the most success in (and why): Football, it is my No. 1 sport and I am working for it year-round no matter what season it is.

Why I play three sports: Playing three sports gives me the ability year-round to release myself from reality, clear my mind and do what I love doing most.

Favorite part of playing three sports: Being part of a team all the time and being able to meet new friends and make relationships that will last a long time.

Most challenging sport to play (and why): Football, it is the hardest sport in the world because you have to have 11 guys doing their job in order to be successful, not just one person can change the game.

Proudest academic achievement (and why): Straight A’s my whole life and consistently having a GPA over 3.9.

School subject I am most enthusiastic about (and why): Science, I find it interesting learning about life and how things around us happen every day.

Activities outside of sports and school: Fortnite, lifting, listening to music, shopping.


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