Name: Kevin Brenner
School: Wilmot Union High School
Year: Junior

Kevin Brenner

Fall Sport and proudest moment (and why) – Football.
My proudest moment in football came after the season this year when I was awarded All-Region by the Wisconsin Football Coaches Association. This was my proudest moment because I was recognized on a high level for how I performed on the field. Also, that honor has driven me to want even more for next season.

Winter Sport and proudest moment (and why) – Basketball.
My proudest moment from basketball came my sophomore year when we upset Burlington and won the Regional Championship. This was my proudest moment because I was able to start on this team and we were able to accomplish so many unthinkable things on our journey through the playoffs.

Spring Sport and proudest moment (and why) – This year the spring sport I participate in is track.
My proudest moment from track is that even with the year off, which I was playing baseball, I was able to literally jump right back into where I left off my freshman year. The best part about track is that it allows me to prepare for the upcoming football season as I work everyday with my football head coach, Coach Square.

Sport I find the most success in (and why): I find the most success in football. The reason why I find success in football is that football is something I am truly passionate about. I started playing football, “officially” when I was six years old. I fell in love with football and that is what drives me to be successful and to work so hard for the success that the game brings me.

Why I play three sports: I play three sports because I have never known anything other than playing many sports all year round. Ever since I could remember I had been playing any sport that I could get myself around. Playing multiple sports truly allows an athlete to pick up unique skills that will be developed through their sports careers.

Favorite part of playing three sports: My favorite part of playing three sports is that I have an appreciation for so many different athletes and the sport that they excel at. I have learned so much and I have formed so many relationships through sports that I will forever be grateful for.

Most challenging sport to play (and why): I believe that the most challenging sport to play is football. I believe this because it combines so much mental and physical strength along with the components of trust and teamwork. A football team is a brotherhood that relies on the values of family and working every rep for your family. When a team does not act as a family, then very little success will be found.

Proudest academic achievement (and why): This year academically I was inducted into National Honors Society and I was also elected to be an officer of our school’s Marketing Business Association. These achievements have been my proudest because they have put both my academic hard work and leadership abilities on display.

The school subject I am most enthusiastic about (and why): I am currently most enthusiastic about my biomedical science course. I am enthusiastic about this subject because I plan to use this course to help start me on my future career path, which I currently plan to go into Biomedical Sales.

Activities outside of sports and school: Outside of school I enjoy lifting and I also love to spend time with my family and my friends.


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