By Jason Arndt

The Twin Lakes Village Board approved a 2018 mosquito abatement program, which includes very limited spraying, at its May 21 regular meeting.

The decision comes after the village discussed the matter at April board meetings, and most recently, at the May 7 Committee of the Whole, where the board considered passing the abatement program.

As part of the abatement program, the Village of Twin Lakes plans to share a case of pellets with the Village of Paddock Lake, Twin Lakes Village Administrator Jennifer Frederick said at Monday’s meeting.

The pellets are designed to kill larva, or mosquito eggs, and have been successful in other municipalities.

Frederick, at the May 7 Committee of the Whole meeting, told the board she received positive from her Paddock Lake counterpart Tim Popanda.

In the Village of Paddock Lake, the municipality uses 40-50 pellets per summer, when staff conducts two treatments.

Public works staff place the pellets in standing water and in the storm sewer, where mosquitoes hatch.

Total costs for the pellets are an estimated $82.50 for the entire summer.

For the adult mosquitoes, however, pellets are not as effective.

Instead of pellets, a spray is required to kill adult mosquitoes, which will be done on as needed basis.

The spray is $38.50 per gallon, and about 20 gallons are used in a given night, and requires six overtime hours of the village’s public works foreman.

Including cost of the spray, which is estimated at $770, the village projects about $1,094 to conduct the treatment.

Some history
The village ceased mosquito abatement operations in 2016, when residents were concerned about chemicals.

In July 2017, when the area saw record flooding, the mosquito population exploded.

After the mosquito explosion, some residents approached the village, requesting the abatement program to return.


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