Graduates prepare to receive their diplomas at the June 3 commencement ceremony held at Westosha Central (Earlene Frederick/The Report).

By Jason Arndt

Before hundreds of friends and family, members of the class of 2018 at Westosha Central High School bid farewell to building they called home for four years, including senior speaker Jack Polick.

Polick, the class vice president at the school’s 66th consecutive commencement ceremony, recalled roaming the halls from the time he was freshman until the June 3 graduation.

“To many it has been a second home, a place that welcomes you with open arms, no matter if the sun is rising in the morning or setting in the afternoon,” he told his classmates.

Jack Polick addresses his classmates during the June 3 commencement (Jason Arndt/The Report).

While some called Westosha Central a second home, others saw the classes as a barrier to playing Fortnite, Polick quipped to his senior class.

Polick, however, said his senior class found one agreement.

“We’ve been talking about this day, graduation day, since we stumbled through the doors four years ago,” he said.

Through four years, the class overcame many obstacles, notably finding its way through crowded hallways as underclassmen and taking Advanced Placement exams.

To quote Nelson Mandela, he said the class persevered and saw historical achievements, including two sports teams.
“It always seems impossible until it is done,” Polick quoted Mandela.

Among the impossible achievements was the football team, which saw its first winning season in seven years, and the first state appearance by the boys basketball team.

Off the playing field, the senior class collectively received more than $4 million in college scholarships, he added.

Polick, who credited his family for their unconditional support, wished the best for his classmates as they enter a new chapter.

Commencement speaker Bill Watson, who will retire from the school after nearly three decades, told the class to overcome the “terror of actually having to become adults.”

The terror includes responsibilities, like showing up to work on time, handing in college assignments when it is due.

Despite the terror, Watson offered the senior class a positive affirmation.

“The good news is that today we are all part of the class of 2018,” he said. “We, because I am finally graduating from Central High School, it has just taken me a lot longer, and we are moving on to the next challenges of our lives.”

Amid potential challenges, Watson encouraged the senior class to make a difference in community, simply by showing a positive attitude.

Watson, a coach on the football team, acknowledged failures are key component to life.

“Will you get back up and dust yourself off and start working to achieve your goal or will you decide that it is not worth it?” he asked.

“This will tell people a lot about who you are and if you will succeed in life,” he said. “As a football coach here at Central for many years I know a lot about getting knocked down, but this year the senior class led us to a winning season.

Westosha Central High School
The following students are graduation candidates for the Class of 2018 at Westosha Central High School:
Aysiah Christine Aguilar, Nura Salah Al-Thani, Alexis Jade Alvarado, Paige Marie Armbruster, Payton Rose Armbruster, Brianna Ignatious Aylward, Nicholas Anthony Bakutis, Kaitlyn Ann Barningham, Drew Edward Bayles, Kaila Elizabeth Beaumier, Zachary Collin Bell, Mitzy Bermudez, Braden M. Beth, Haley Maureen Beucher, Bryce Andrew Biedrzycki, James G. Bigley, Timothy Charles Bizek-Daley, Brandy Michelle Elizabeth Bonnar, Addison Lynwood Borchert, Ryan Robert Bounds, Jenna Louise Bradtke, Dayton James Brannon, Brittney Nicole Braveman, Cooper Jason Brinkman, Cassidy Ann Brown, Max Mitchell Brown, Matthew Charles Bruzas, Isabel Ann Bryan, Lauren Ann Bucko, Christian Denver Cannon, Meghan Marie Capra, Alexandria Sylvia Carey, Osmar Castillo, Ryan James Cavil, Andrew Thomas Christensen, John Kenneth Coari, Andrew Jerome Colletti,
Dillon Michael Conhartowski, Joshua David Connolly, Brook Ann Cooling, Kevin Larry Cortes, Collin Michael Crisp, Samuel Gregory Czaja, Haley Lynn Dawley, Alexander Michael Dawson, Luke Michael DeBell, Madison Rose De Boer, Heidi Elizabeth Deisher, Felix Maximilian Desimoni, Riley Patrick Despins, Stephanie Morgan Dopuch, Rachel Elizabeth Drosen, Alec Robert Duncan, Kailey Rose Duval, Andrea Nicole Edquist, Aria Marguerite Elfering, Jacob Mathew Ellerbrock, Kaitlynn Elizabeth Ellis, Joshua John Engberg, Alexis Karin Erickson, Chase Daniel Erickson, Maria Rene Essary, Justin Tyler Fanter, Jonathan Thomas Filiatreault, Robert K. Fliess, Claire Marie Fox, Logan T. Frahm, Madeline Mary Frederick, Nicholas Jon Frederick, Tara Marie Gement, Matthew James Gentry, Braden Taylor Gere, Devin Josephine Gillespie, Joey Anthony Gilliland,
Rebecca Elizabeth Glassen, Tresten Gold,Tori Caryssa Lynn Goldsworthy, Katherine Ann Grabarec, Samuel Louis Grasseschi, Colten James Greenhill, Shannen Lindsay Griffiths, Michael Layne Griswold, Dennis Dale Grubb, Sydney Rae Gulbrandson, Danielle Raven Gulliford, Grant Ashton Gums, Brielle Joy Gunderson, Jonathan Bruce Hahn, Dawson Jeffrey Hansen, Haley Lynn Hassett, Jacob Clayton Hauser, Anna Hope Hebior, William Matthew Hehn, Emma Grace Heller-Cavener, Tate Ryan Hensley, Sharon Lyn Renne Hernandez, Zachary Alexander Hill, Maggie Marie Hillock, Cole Thomas Hoffman, Dustin Michael Hogan, Paige Rebecca Horrom, Brandon David Horton, Emily Ann Houtz, Blake Douglas Howland, Tyler Thomas Huffhines, Emma Marie Huizenga, Kayli Morgan Humphrey, Josephine Alexandra Hunter, Kate Irene Husenica, Jaden Jackson, Wylie Marie Jackson,
Grace Olivia Jahnke, Zachary George Jares, Jack Hammer Johnson, Kara Ann Johnson, Rylee Evan Johnson, Jake Adam Keisler, Kathryn Anne Keller, Alexis Madison Kelly, Mickenzie Colleen Kennedy, Rylee Nicole Kennell, Kayla Amelia Kerkman, Draco Gene Killen
Zackary A. Klabunde, Zayin Elijah Knottnerus, Alexander Christian Kovachik, Khatarina Marie Kramer, Michael Constantine Kritikos, Kendall Kay Krumm, Kaili Matteace Kucharski, Kai Mchael Kuebler, Anna Joy Kurzer, Brendon Matthew Kurzer, Michelle Joy LaMeer, Lauren Camille Lamey, Chelsea Ruth Lamp, Lauren Haley LaPlant, Jacob Robert Lau, Samuel William LeFebve, Madison Jordan Le Roy, Joshua Richard Leslie, Makenna Rose Lindsey, Veronica Esmeralda Lopez, Jon C. Luellen, MacKenzie Rose Maccaux, Trey Douglas Maccaux, Korin Marie Madrigrano, Nathaniel William Martin,
Colin Nystrom Mast, Celina Rose McClellan, Alexander Padraic McGonegal, Jaden Nicole McKenna, Joseph Jeffrey McManus, Meghan Rose Mc Nealy, Robert Lee Mc Nealy, Reid Alan McNeill, Garrie Patrisha Means, Lindsay Joan Meyers, Zane Matthew Meyers, Trevor Michael Millhouse, Taylor Renee Mitchell, Connor Joseph Muff, Gavin James Myra, Brayden Daniel Naef, Nicole Ann Noble, Emma Brianna Olson, Jason Stuart Olson, Sierra Rae Olson, Isabelle Marie Otis, Olivia Arri Owens, Austin Dalton Pelphrey, Chelsa Marie Perleberg, Kathryn Sophie Perri, Daniel James Persino, Zoe Elizabeth Peters, Melanie Ruth Petges
Cole Frederick Piekarski, Kylee Jane Plants, John Andrew Polick, Nikole Emily Poole, Molly Kate Post, Hayley Anne Potter, Tiffany Ann Prokopek, Diana A. Pulido, Matthew Philip Quist,
Michael John Rasch, Nicholas Finn Rasmussen, Alexa Tremayne Raymond, Brianna Elizabeth Reid, Jarrett Patrick Reiter, Keelin Anne Richards, Soheila Tabith Ann Roenfanz, Rosa Marie Roloff, Caitlyn Ann Romanski, Michele Francesco Rovella, Alexis Marie Saad, Anna Marie Sager, Nikolas Ryan Schaal, Breanna Caitlyn Scherer, Cassandra Lynn Schneider, James F. Schneider, Lillian Grace Schnider, Cameron Marie Schuler, Austin Michael Schwab, Rachel Lynn Senft, Siera Heidi Sieberth, Laura Melina Silberschmidt, Isaac David Sippy, Emma Marie Slutsky, Matthew Russell Smith, Logan Thomas Sperling, Ryan Andrew Sperling, Justin Thomas Spice, Cameron James Spinler, Jillian Anna Spoerl, Dokota Sydney Steinhable, Alexa Rose Stephen, Kristin Mia Swatkowski, Haley Faith Talbert, Adam Chistopher Tatro, Gavin William Thomas, Khaleb Charles Titus,
Haley Marie Trecker, Aimee Trevino, Christopher Steven Van Damme, Ben Richard Vogelsang, Jasmine Marie Wagner, Meg Louise Walther, Jasmine Simone Washington, Lindsay Marie Weber, Francesca Vittoria Weidner, Ashley Faye Wells, Mason Robert Welter, Elise Ann Wember, Reanna Mason Wesinger, Jordan Miller White, Jake Otto Wilcox, Melissa Ann Wilkinson, Sally Ann Windler, Amelia Davin Wohlbrandt, Kelly Cheyanne Wolkober, Brooke Elizabeth Wysiatko, Seth Olin Yarger, Yasmin Zamora.


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