By Gail Peckler-Dziki

There were two organizations on the June 11 agenda for purchase of services, the Twin Lakes Senior Center and The Sharing Center.

The board tabled the Twin Lakes Senior Center request until next month since the requested application had not been returned.

The Sharing Center’s Executive Director, Sharon Pomaville, was present at the June 11 and said she originally requested $20,000 last fall when the organization prepared its budget.

“We were in the middle of helping flood victims and we didn’t know ho long it would go on. My request of $20,000 was a little high,” she said.

Trustee Dennis Faber made a motion to pay The Sharing Center $10,000, same as the amount approved last year.

The purchase of services approved for 2018 were $50 for the Deputy Friendly poster contest, $1,000 weed harvesting grant each for Lake Shangrila Property Association and Rock Lake Restoration Association and $2,995 to the Westosha Senior Center air conditioner/copier assistance.

Highway intersection study requested
Bob and Jill Clampit, who live just south of highways W and F, requested a traffic study because they had concerns about the speed limit.

“Heading north, east and west from that intersection, the speed limit is 35,” Bob said at the June 11 meeting. “(About) 8/10 of a mile to the south, the limit is 55.

Jill said the speeders are not high school students.

“When I go to get the mail or bring back the garbage cans, the kids are in school.”

Jill doesn’t feel quite safe when she crosses the street to get the mail. And Jill has been keeping track of how cars will pass their car as they turn into their driveway.

“We have to put our turn signal on a quarter of a mile before our driveway so we won’t get rear-ended.”

The board approved the motion to make the request to Kenosha County for the traffic study.

Roger Johnson, a Salem Lakes resident who attended the meeting, explained that he is on the Kenosha County public safety committee.

`”We have a meeting this Thursday afternoon,” he said, “and I will bring it up.”

District 21 county supervisor Mark Nordigan said he would mention it to Clement Abongwa, who is director of Kenosha County Highways.

Village president Diann Tesar reminded all that unless the village makes the request for the traffic study, it won’t happen.


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