By Annette Newcomb


How the Village of Twin Lakes will handle open and concealed firearms on village property and at community events was put on hold Monday night to garner more information.

Wisconsin is among states which allow citizens to openly carry firearms and as of Nov. 1, carrying concealed weapons will also be allowed.

While gun owners have to undergo stringent permitting and training prior to legally carrying the gun, the village is undergoing its own learning curve, seeking to find an acceptable way to deal with the new law and how it impacts village properties and events.

State law prohibits weapons in police stations and courtrooms but does not make any designation for municipal properties. State law specifically disallows a village decision to ban weapons in public parks, Village Administrator David Cox noted.

Trustees voiced concern in how events like Fall Festivus and Libertyfest could be impacted. It was noted Country Thunder is permitted through the county and the village would not have any authority over how the law translated for that event.

Cox noted that private businesses have the right to post signs prohibiting firearms on their festival grounds, retail store or other privately owned business.  Anyone disobeying that sign could be charged with disorderly conduct.

Monday night the village board debated the pros and cons of the translation of the law and how it could impact Twin Lakes gatherings. The Committee of the Whole is the working body of the village board and no official action is taken during these meetings. Trustees opted not to make a recommendation on the topic until they hear a report from Twin Lakes Village Police Chief Dale Racer, who is scheduled to attend a special police chief training session next week in Madison.

The village board meets at 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 17 and the item could appear on the agenda then.


Extra recycling bin at no extra charge

• the village is waiting for bids to come in for the refuse and recycling collections. The three-year contracts include language that leaves the door open for possible joint agreements with other municipalities in the future.

Twin Lakes residents are reminded they are eligible to get a second, 95-gallon recycling bin at no additional charge.

Several trustees noted their recycling bins are usually much fuller than their garbage bins. Call the village hall at 877-2858 for more information.


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