By Jason Arndt

Residents in the Town of Wheatland will be permitted to ride on municipal roads with their all-terrain vehicles, if they obtain the right permits and have other needed documentation, following the Town Board’s approval of an ordinance on Sept. 24.

The permits, which costs $25 every two years, will be available once the Town of Wheatland receives necessary signage for the streets.

Once the town receives the 28 signs, valued at $100 each, they will affix them.

Meanwhile, for the permit residents are required to have a valid drivers’ license, a $100,000 liability insurance policy and obtain a safety certificate from the state Department of Natural Resources, if they are younger than 21, as of Jan. 1, 2019.

The approval comes after the board took several items under consideration, according to the newly adopted ordinance, which indicated ATV usage brings some value to Wheatland.

Board members also weighed potential dangers, public health, liability aspects, terrain involved, traffic density and history of automobile traffic when they made the decision.

While all-terrain vehicles can operate year-round, residents can only use them from sunrise to sunset only, the ordinance states.

Additionally, all-terrain vehicles used on town roads must be equipped with a functioning stock muffler, functioning braking system and operating strobe light.

“Any operating ATV/UTV shall display lighted headlights and taillights including daylight hours,” the ordinance reads. “Functioning seat belts shall be utilized at all times when operating.”


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