Students from the Wheatland Center School leadership group presented more than 1,500 pairs of socks to the Sharing Center, Inc. of Trevor on Dec. 5. (Top row, left) Adam Switalski, Hunter Ratz, Wyatt Anderson. (Bottom) Paige Olson, Cody Pappadakis, Ian Kerkman.

By Jason Arndt

Undergarments, like a pair of socks, are an often overlooked item for people who look to contribute to the Sharing Center, Inc. of Trevor.

The student leadership group at Wheatland Center School recognized this need and organized a drive to collect socks in late November.

About two weeks later, the students collected 1,571 pairs of socks, which were distributed to Trevor nonprofit organization Dec. 5.

The contribution, according Sharing Center Executive Sharon Pomaville, helps fill a basic need.

“Basic needs are good, clothing and shelter. Let’s add health into the mix too,” she said. “Undergarments like socks and underwear, every child outgrows, wears out, or both, and are rarely donated.”

She said proper fitting undergarments, like socks, keeps people warm and promotes a healthy hygiene.

Wheatland leadership group coordinator Joe Vrchota said the students decision left him pleased, noting they showed enthusiasm for the worthy endeavor.

“It was great opportunity to emphasize service and giving during the holiday season. I am proud that they have decided to spend their own time to organize, plan and execute this worthy endeavor,” he said.

The students, according to a school news release, met during their lunch and recess period and selected the sock drive among multiple options for holiday giving.

The sock drive, meanwhile, became a contest at the school with the third grade class collecting the winning total of 329 pairs of socks.

They were awarded a pizza party for their winning effort.

As the students completed their mission, the Sharing Center continues to meet community needs, which are at the highest during the holidays.

“Currently, community sponsors have adopted every Center child for holiday, so our greatest thanks for all who stepped up,” Pomaville said.

“However, a child in need at Christmas is a child in need all year long. Critical financial donations are needed, and will be used to feed, house and clothe these same children. We ask the community to remember the Center in their year-end holiday giving.”


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