Wilmot boasts three regional title winners

By Jason Arndt

Logan Pye

Senior Logan Pye along with six of his Wilmot Union High School teammates are among a dozen area WIAA Division 1 sectional wrestling qualifiers after the Feb. 9 regional competition held on his own mat.

For Westosha Central, meanwhile, five Falcons will join the seven Panther wrestlers at Saturday’s sectional hosted by Elkhorn Area School.

The Panthers, who had three regional title winners, including Pye, finished third with 166.5 points while Westosha Central accounted for 95 points to take seventh among eight schools.

Janesville Craig won the regional with 199.5 points and Milton placed second at 184.5 points.

“I was, of course, very pleased with the effort of all our kids,” said Wilmot coach John Watson. “Even the kids who didn’t compete worked a long day making sure the regional went off smoothly.”

Additionally, Watson came away pleased his team qualified seven of 11 wrestlers for sectionals.

“Our 11 boys who competed gave a great effort, all of them, some were fortunate enough to advance to the sectional,” he said. “We got seven kids through.”

Westosha Central coach Jason Ladd, meanwhile, said he was generally satisfied with his team’s performance.

“We had a pretty good day, it would have been nice to get a couple of those extra guys in,” said Ladd, who had two drop fourth place wrestle back matches. “We are in an area of the state where we have a lot of good wrestling.”

Pye, two others, lead Panthers
Pye, who boasts a 30-9 overall record, won the 152-pound regional title on a 6-5 decision against Milton’s Kade Desormeau.

Senior Larz Gough (21-8), at 182, claimed the title in his weight class by pinning Lake Geneva Badger’s Jimmy Stackpool at 5 minutes, 47 seconds.

Mason Diedrich (17-9), a senior at 145, was Wilmot’s third regional title winner after he won the championship with a pin of Aiden Romack from Janesville Craig at 2:00.

“I am very proud of the boys who won their weight classes, Mason Diedrich, Logan Pye and Larz Gough, all gave tremendous efforts and were very coachable throughout the day,” Watson said.

“They’re all regional champs and that is something they should be very proud of.”

At 160, senior Drew Hebior (33-5) advanced to the title bout against Elkhorn’s Coleman Karl (34-8), where the Elks’ wrestler pinned him in 4:35.

Senior Max Iverson (16-9), at 220, finished second after losing a 12-6 decision to Brady Schenk of Janesville Craig and successfully winning the wrestle back by pinning Lake Geneva Badger’s Dalton Creighton at 1:41.

Finishing fourth and also qualifying for the Panthers were senior Kolby Moudy (15-8, 106) and Gabe Handorf (12-11, 126).

For Pye, he is excited to join his six teammates at sectionals, which is one of the most challenging in the state.

“To get seven through is a pretty big thing for our team and I couldn’t be more proud of the group of guys,” he said. “We had always fought and got rewarded.”

“I believe we pair up with one of the toughest regionals in the state to make for one really good sectional,” Pye added.

Kearby headlines Falcons five
Meanwhile, for the Falcons, senior Jefferson Kearby (29-16) finished second to headline the team’s sectional qualifiers.

Kearby, at 138, opened with back-to-back pins before losing on a pin in the title bout with Elkhorn’s Daniel Stilling. He secured second place by winning a 12-7 decision to Trey Smith, of Milton, in the wrestle back.

Ladd noted Kearby’s experience, which includes a previous sectional appearance, as one of the reasons he advanced as a senior.

“He had a good day finishing second,” Ladd said. “He has a lot of experience wrestling tough competition and I thought he wrestled well.”

Joining Kearby at sectionals are a pair of wrestlers who finished third, sophomore Lucas Wittkamp (126, 26-19) and senior Sean Gulliksen (170, 24-21).

Finishing fourth and also qualifying for sectionals were senior Brenden Wittkamp (160, 30-12) and Jacob Seward (152, 8-6).

WIAA Division 1 Regional
Wilmot Union High School – Feb. 9
Team scores: 1. Janesville Craig 199.5, 2. Milton 184.5, 3. Wilmot 166.5, 4. Elkhorn/Faith Christian 159, 5. Badger 149.5, 6. Janesville Parker 96, 7. Westosha Central 95, 8. Beloit Memorial 65

Wilmot results
106 – Quarterfinal: Joey Showalter, ELK pin Kolby Moudy, WIL, 3:16; Cons. Semi: Moudy, bye; 5th Place: Moudy pin Joey Coulter, JC, 1:53; 4th Place: Moudy pin Ian Ramirez, JP, 1:15
113- Quarterfinal: Juan Armas, JC def Cameron Baird, WIL, TF-1.5 2:41 (17-2); Cons. Semi: Baird, bye; 5th Place: Baird pin Tracey Kessler, JP, 0:52; 4th Place: Austin Peter, LG pin Baird, 2:44
126 – Quarterfinal: Gabe Handorf, WIL def Trayton Torres, ELK, 3-1; Semifinal: Mayson MacLennan, JC pin Handorf, 0:51; 3rd Place: Lucas Wittkamp, WC def Handorf, MD 13-5; 4th Place: Handorf def Zak Shore, MILT, 8-1
132 – Quarterfinal: Joey Bellomo, JC def Gene Johnson, WIL, 7-6; Cons. Semi: Johnson def Carlos Lopez, BM, 10-9; 5th Place: Quentin Woyak, ELK def Johnson, 8-1
138 – Quarterfinal: Michael Dennis, WIL pin Nicolas Lux, JP, 0:40; Semifinal: Jefferson Kearby, WC pin Dennis, 5:50; 3rd Place: Trey Smith, MILT def Dennis, MD 11-2; 4th Place: Sebastian Getchell, JC def Dennis, 8-7
145 – Quarterfinal: Mason Diedrich, WIL def Teddy Woyak, ELK, MD 13-2; Semifinal: Diedrich pin Colton Soto, WC, 1:31; 1st Place: Diedrich pin Aiden Romack, JC, 2:00
152 – Quarterfinal: Logan Pye, WIL, bye; Semifinal: Pye def Jacob Seward, WC, 7-3; 1st Place: Pye def Kade Desormeau, MILT, 6-5
160 – Quarterfinal: Drew Hebior, WIL, bye; Semifinal: Hebior pin Marshall Getchell, JC, 1:49; 1st Place: – Coleman Karl, ELK, pin Hebior, 4:35
182 – Quarterfinal: Larz Gough, WIL pin Bryce Sekey, WC, 0:51; Semifinal: Gough def Salvador Acosta, JP, TF-1.5 3:51 (15-0); 1st Place: Gough pin Jimmy Stackpool, LG, 5:47
220 – Quarterfinal: Max Iverson, WIL, bye; Semifinal: Iverson pin Jordan Hergert, MILT, 1:20; 1st Place: Brady Schenk, JC, def Iverson, 18-12; 2nd Place: Iverson pin Dalton Creighton, LG, 1:41
285 – Quarterfinal: Nathan White, JP, pin Andrew Tucknott, WIL, 5:50; Cons. Semi: Tucknott, bye; 5th Place: Tucknott pin Devin Hergert, MILT, 0:47

Central results
126 – Quarterfinal: Lucas Wittkamp, WC pin Zak Shore, MILT, 3:10; Semifinal: Blake Krueger, JP def Wittkamp, 19-12; 3rd Place: Wittkamp, def Gabe Handorf, WIL, MD 13-5;
132 – Quarterfinal – Jakob Williams, JP pin Aaron Pecore, WC, 1:39; Cons. Semi: Quentin Woyak, ELK pin Pecore, 1:46
138 – Quarterfinal: Jefferson Kearby, WC pin Marco Olivera, BM, 1:42; Semifinal: Kearby pin Michael Dennis, WIL, 5:50; 1st Place: Daniel Stilling, ELK pin Kearby, 3:33; 2nd plce: Kearby def Trey Smith, MILT, 12-7
145 – Quarterfinal: Colton Soto, WC, bye; Semifinal: Mason Diedrich, WIL pin Colton Soto, 1:31; 3rd Place: Justin Sanchez, MILT def Soto, 8-4; 4th Place: Alan Bates, LG pin Soto, 1:03
152 – Quarterfinal: Jacob Seward, WC pin Mario Mendoza, BM, 3:50; Semifinal: Logan Pye, WIL def Seward, 7-3; 3rd Place: Davon Serrano, JC def Seward, 9-2; 4th Place: Seward pin Leo Ehlen, ELK, 4:41.
160 – Quarterfinal: Brenden Wittkamp, WC pin Jordan Stivarius, MILT, 5:03; Semifinal: Colman Karl, ELK def Wittkamp, TF-1.5 3:39 (18-2); 3rd Place: Marshall Getchell, JC def Wittkamp, 9-3
170- Quarterfinal: Sean Gulliksen. WC def Anthony Tobias, JP, MD 20-7; Semifinal: Devyn Miller, MILT pin Gulliksen, 1:45; 3rd Place: Gulliksen pin Fernando Badillo, BM, 4:32
182 – Quarterfinal: Larz Gough, WIL pin Bryce Sekey, WC, 0:51; Cons. Semi: Sekey pin Logan Page, ELK, 2:35; 5th Place: Sekey def Josiah Richardson, MILT, 5-2; 4th place: Salvador Acosta, JP def Sekey, SV-1 8-3
220 – Quarterfinal: Jordan Hergert, MILT def Corbin Spencer, WC, 6-0; Cons. Semi: Spencer, bye; 5th Place: Spencer pin Danny Villano, BM, 4:23


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