Wheatland teen attains Eagle Scout status

Travis Senft, who belongs to Troop 318 out of Wheatland, constructed this walking bridge over a small creek in Kenosha’s KD Park as his Eagle Scout project. Senft shows off the more than 40 badges he’s earned, with help from Sapphire, the family dog.

Travis Senft, of Wheatland, started as a Cub Scout in first grade.

And over the past 10 years he was able to accumulate more than 40 badges and has earned the rank of Eagle Scout.

He belongs to Troop 381 and said he has benefited from invaluable experiences while learned about himself and others — and he wants to use those tools to give back.

“Scouting has taught me countless life lessons and given me incredible opportunities,” Senft said in a news release. “As I worked on my Eagle Scout project, I am excited to give to the community that has given me so much. As I consider my future goals, I look back on my Scouting career and how it has prepared me for future challenges and opportunities.

“These experiences helped me better understand the definition of leadership,” Senft added. “By facing the challenges that were present as a Scout, I have learned that anything can happen and I always have to be prepared for what lies ahead.”

Senft is taking flying lessons, so one major item on his horizon is a potential career as a pilot.

“I am hopeful that I can complete my private pilot licenses before I graduate high school,” he said in the news release. “Becoming a pilot also will help me learn how to make good decisions. As a pilot you need to understand situations and make decisions based on the information you have available to you.

“You’ll also quickly understand your limits and what it takes to improve them,” he added. “If flying wasn’t challenging, it wouldn’t be nearly as rewarding. I feel my Boy Scout experiences will help me in the future in coming a professional pilot.”

Senft’s Eagle Scout project was a wooden walking bridge over a small creek at KD Park in Kenosha.

His objective was simple: “This bridge will help people have a safe and fun experience while walking the trails at KD Park,” he said.

However, his time and determination on his project doesn’t mean he’s done with Scouting.

“It is a test in which I use the knowledge and skills that I have learned throughout my years of Scouting to provide leadership and guidance to my peers,” Senft said. “Becoming an Eagle Scout will be the start of a new chapter in my life, one in which the values I have developed will lead me in being the best person that I can be.

“The men and women leaders in my troop have been inspirational in their support and help through my Scouting career,” he added. “I plan to stay with the troop as a leader to help as much as I am able to in passing my knowledge on to younger Scouts in the hope that they will find the journey to Eagle as rewarding as I have.”


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