By Gail Peckler-Dziki

The soil borings for the Timberlane Subdivision stormwater project revealed peat moss throughout the area. If concrete pipe were used, pylons would be required every two feet to hold the pipes. This would cost about $700,000.

Village of Salem Lakes interim Administrator Mike Murdock explained in an email: “Further engineering showed we could use a wide-open ditch along the Salvation Army property to convey the water. So we started working with the Salvation Army to obtain a drainage easement.”

The village will pay the Salvation Army Camp $37,000 for a 10-foot wide easement that is 290 feet long.

The village board approved that agreement at Monday’s regular meeting. The village is waiting for approval from the Department of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to disturb wetland to place the ditch.

Murdock said the village wouldn’t have final costs until word from the DNR is received.

“There are several homes that deal with flooding issues, even during smaller rain events in that area,” Murdock explained.

83rd Street issue
The village plans to use ditching to make sure any displaced water from a new home being built on 83rd Street doesn’t negatively affect neighbors.

The lot was the site of the barbershop and is behind the gas station. It had served as a retention pool during large rain events, and Scott Gorr, who lives next door, was concerned about where that water would go.

Murdock visited the site after the village engineer looked at the situation and came up with a plan to put in 8-inch pipes to move the water from the site of the new home, past Gorr’s home and under 251st Avenue and then on to Highway 83.

The project is estimated to cost $66,000 and will benefit several homes in that area. Murdock said he plans to start the project within the next few weeks, pending a return call to the hotline to make sure there are no gas lines along the route planned for the ditch.

Gorr complained that Jack Rowland not only failed to head out to the site for a look, he said Rowland was unhelpful and rude to him both times that Gorr visited the village hall.

Village President Diann Tesar said she was sorry that happened.


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