By Gail Peckler-Dziki

The Town of Wheatland Board repealed and replaced the town code relating to animals and kennels at its regular meeting in mid-June.

That item was on the agenda just before town residents Charles and Alyssa Hagman requested to keep chickens.

During the citizens’ comment portion, several of the Hagmans’ neighbors spoke against the allowing chickens in their neighborhood, citing noise and odor issues.

The Hagmans had no intention of keeping a rooster because of noise concerns.

The new ordinance is much more detailed than the previous one, according to Town Board Supervisor Kelly Wilson.

The new ordinance doesn’t allow any chickens on residential property.

The Hagmans’ home sits on a 1-acre lot zoned R-2. It is in what Town Chairman William Glembocki called “heavily residential.”

When the Hagmans’ request to keep chickens came up, the conclusion was already known — the chickens would have to go.

Charles Hagman asked the board what his next step would be, and suggestions ranged from purchasing 10 acres elsewhere to working with a neighboring farmer to keep the animals. The Hagmans wanted to raise chickens for eggs and for a 4-H project.

Hagman said he was told that if formal complaints were made about the animals, then action could be taken.

The town board gave the Hagmans until Aug. 31 to find a different home for their chickens.

The Village of Salem Lakes has been considering ways to handle the wishes local residents who wish to keep chickens, not only for educational reasons but also health reasons.

Wheatland’s new ordinance limits the number of pets that can be kept at one home to three.

A copy of the new ordinance can be viewed at the Wheatland Town Hall, located at 34315 Geneva Road in New Munster. For more information, contact Town Clerk Sheila Siegler at 262-537-4340.

Slow/no wake remains
Glembocki reported that the level of Lilly Lake is about 13 feet too high and the slow/no wake order will remain in place.

He also reported that he is working with the town engineer to ascertain the proper elevation for determining the most accurate lake levels.


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