Westosha Central High School student Valarie Meyer recently completed three takeoffs and landings in this F2 Talon. She enjoys the accomplishment with her flight instructor, Mickey Ferguson (Submitted/The Report).

Latest student takes flight through Westosha Central’s aviation program

The Central High School STEM aviation program is designed to inspire the next generation of aviation leaders, providing students with an experiential education that excites, engages and enriches through a learn-by-doing curriculum.

James Senft started the program that develops knowledge and skills in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math, which features building a Van’s RV-12 aircraft.

And students involved in the building process are eligible to use the airplane free to obtain their pilot’s license.

The latest such student to show the right stuff is Valarie Meyer, who recently took sole control of an F2 Talon and completed three picture-perfect takeoffs and landings.

“It is amazing to watch this impressive young lady growing in leaps and bounds in skill, knowledge, confidence and character,” flight instructor Mickey Fergusson said in a news release. “The Eagle’s Nest program is an amazing opportunity for these aspiring engineers and aviators, and Valarie and I are learning so much through our association with this outstanding organization.”

Meyer couldn’t agree more.

“My solo was the most exhilarating experience I’ve ever had,” she said in the news release. “Being up in the air and doing it all on my own was so empowering. I’m so thankful that I’ve gotten the opportunity to join this program and to have the privilege to work with Mr. Ferguson. He is a wonderful instructor and mentor who prepared me well for this moment.”

Senft said Meyer is a great example of how the program, which involves student-directed and teacher-led curricula, can create a powerful and effective STEM experience.

“Valarie is a strong, soft-spoken, intelligent young person,” Senft said in the news release. “She never lets anyone or anything get in her way of success. She faces every challenge with compassion, determination, drive and thoughtful thinking. Valarie is an outstanding young person that has a future in aviation.”

For information, visit the program’s Facebook page at facebook.com/Central-High-School-STEM-Aviation-Club-591524597584424/k.


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