By Gail Peckler-Dziki

The Salem Lakes Village Board approved payments for the wastewater treatment plants regionalization improvements and force main to make the former Silver Lake village site a lift station and send the wastewater to the facility on Highway C.

It was payment request number for C.C. Smith Construction for $1.3 million and payment request number three to Fischer excavation for just over $374,000.

The Village of Salem Lakes operates and maintains both WWTP and issues with the flood plain surrounding the former Silver Lake WWTP, which makes the change important financially as well as environmentally. This was evident from the master planning report completed in 2017.

Both plants must meet new, stringent phosphorus limits that have been imposed by the Department of Natural Resources, and those are included in this project.

A 2-mile long force main from the Silver Lake treatment plant to the newly expanded Salem treatment plant, located on Highway C, is being constructed. The Silver Lake plant will become a lift station near the end of 2020.

The project includes up-grades to nearly all treatment processes at the Salem facility, including additional and larger influent pumps and a new influent force main.

Also added is new screening and grit removal, a new primary clarifier that will double the treatment capacity of the facility and new aeration tanks designed to remove phosphorus biologically from the wastewater.

The security system needed to alert personnel to any possible problems also will be upgraded. Other improvements and expansions are included in this project.

The capacity of the Salem plant will be increased from 6 million gallons per day to 10.4 million gallons per day.

Sunset Oaks
The board approved $728,006.40 for Sunset Oaks Manor drainage and street improvement project at the Sept. 9 regular board meeting.

Storm sewer work was done on 104th Place and 104th, 105th and 106th streets and 266th, 268th and 269th avenues.

About 4,500 feet of storm sewer pipe was placed and minor ditching was done around inlets.

Paving was done on 103rd Place, 104th Street, 104th Place, 105th Street, 106th Street and 266th, 268th and 269th avenues.

Timber Lane
The board also approved a $30,000 payment for storm sewer work, and paving was completed on 90th and 91st streets, 91st Pace and 268th, 269th and 270th avenues.

Approximately 2,800 feet of storm sewer pipe, including 6-inch under drain pipe, was placed. Included was recently added 15-drain tile.

Drainage swale and roadside ditching was done where needed.

Payne and Dolan was the company responsible for the work for both projects.


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