By Gail Peckler-Dziki

The Village of Paddock Lake will see a 7 percent rise in professional services and a decrease in state shared revenue, but residents will not experience an equivalent rise on their property tax bills.

The Kenosha County Sheriff contract increased $33,900 and the fire and rescue service from Salem Lakes increased $4,800.

When Village Administrator Tim Popanda presented the new proposed 2020 budget at the Nov. 20 regular board meeting, he talked about the tax stabilization fund that the board established in 2016.

“We knew that costs would continue to rise and that there would be a decrease in state shared revenue,” he said, “so the board created this fund to pull from. We will use $42,000 from this fund to cover increases.”

Popanda said other expenses were reduced to keep taxes lower.

The general property tax levy for 2019 was $1,492,443. That amount will rise $6,815 to $1,499,258 for 2020, an increase of 1.57 percent.

This levy includes the debt service expense that will drop from $355,884 in 2019 to $344,782 in 2020, a decrease of $4,161.

The mill rate for 2020 will be one cent less than that for 2019. The mill rate for 2019 was $6.03 and will be $6.02 in 2020.

Village residents will see no increase to the sewer budget, but as things progress with the water system, those rates will rise. Neither of those budgets is included in the property tax levy. These are proprietary funds that are collected from water and sewer users.


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