The Kenosha County Division of Health confirmed an additional 76 cases of COVID-19 since last week, with three more deaths, according to numbers released by the state Department of Health Services.

State officials, meanwhile, said 4,499 people have tested positive for COVID-19 while 46,603 returned negative test results as of Tuesday morning.

As for Kenosha County, which saw 183 confirmed cases on April 13, the Division of Health reported at least 259 residents have tested positive for the disease on Monday.

Additionally, the county has also seen an uptick in fatalities, jumping from three last week to six.

The county ranks fourth among 72 in the state, but is primarily attributed to population and travelers from out-of-state, according to Kenosha County public health nurse Evan Gorr.

“Kenosha County includes the state’s fourth largest city and we also have the fourth largest number of positives,” Gorr wrote in an April 18 Joint Information news release. “We are also on the border with Illinois, nearest to Chicago – which has a large numbers of cases – and Illinois residents work, shop and travel through Kenosha County.”

Gorr said the county continues to monitor all positive cases, however, he cautioned confirmed cases can be misinterpreted because of the state’s daily testing capacity.

“These numbers are not the only thing to look at because testing levels and collection kits are still varying widely throughout the state and country,” Gorr said.

The state Department of Health Services reported Wisconsin can test anywhere from 6,000 to 8,000 per day through up to 32 laboratories.

Wisconsin has a total population of 5.85 million people, according to the latest U.S. Census figures.

County breakdown
Meanwhile, Western Kenosha County communities have seen some increases, including the Village of Salem Lakes.

Salem Lakes, which had 15 on April 13, saw six more confirmed cases as of Tuesday morning.

Other communities include the towns of Randall (3), Wheatland (1), villages of Bristol (5), Twin Lakes (2) and Paddock Lake (1).

The City of Kenosha has a total of 176 COVID-19 cases while the Village of Pleasant Prairie has 42.

The town and village of Somers have seven combined cases.

Elsewhere, in Racine County, health officials have a reported a total of 184 confirmed cases with 10 deaths.

The City of Racine Health Department, which saw four fatalities, accounted for 91 of the 184 while the Central Racine County Health Department has seen 93 confirmed cases.

The Central Racine County Health Department oversees Caledonia, Dover, Mt. Pleasant, North Bay, Raymond, Rochester, Sturtevant, Union Grove, Yorkville, city and town of Burlington as well as the village and town of Waterford.

National glance
Nationally, there have been 787,960 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 42,364 deaths and 73,527 recoveries, according to the Johns Hopkins University dashboard.

Johns Hopkins University, however, indicates just over 4 million people have been tested.

Additionally, there are 600,000 cases unresolved, the dashboard shows.


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