Each year, the Sharing Center strives to provide families what they need for a more enjoyable holiday season.

The Sharing Center, 25700 Wilmot Road, Trevor has offered a holiday meal for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as Christmas gifts to all children the last 40 years, according to the nonprofit organization.

“Last year, your generosity provided 320 children with warm clothing, shoes, boots, coats, blankets, and other gifts for the heart, mind, body and soul,” the Sharing Center states. “Holiday meals were served to more than 1,600.”

As the holiday season approaches, the Sharing Center began accepting registrations for its Christmas Adopt-a-Child program, with applications accessible online at www.thesharingcenter.net or at the facility.

Additionally, donors could start delivering donations of holiday food on Oct. 1 during normal business hours, according to the Sharing Center.

Food donations include turkey, ham, or roasting chicken; potatoes, fresh or boxed; stuffing; gravy; pie or dessert.

Gift donations
The Sharing Center is also launching a gift donation drive for its Adopt-a-Child program.

Families, businesses, and organizations often pool their resources to adopt a child or children.

While some sponsor one child, according to the Sharing Center, others can help up to 10.

“We provide a detailed list (of) each child’s greatest needs and wants, and suggest that you purchase three articles of clothing and one ‘fun’ gift for each child, which generally costs $40-$60 per child,” the Sharing Center states.

The Sharing Center asks community members to bring unwrapped gift by Dec. 7 in a concealed bag or box, with the child’s name and number attached, and can include wrapping paper and tape.

An alternative to adopting a specific child is to donate new, unwrapped educational gifts, which the Sharing Center will combine with other donations to help children who may not have been adopted. The gift delivery deadline for this option is Dec. 16 and registration is not required for the program.

The Sharing Center will also accept monetary donations to help support immediate needs for both programs.

The Sharing Center is open Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. and on Fridays from 9 a.m. until noon.

For more information, including scheduling after hours delivery appointment, call the Sharing Center at 262-298-5535 or email director@thesharingcenter.net.


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