After serving the Village of Twin Lakes for 12 years, village administrator Dave Cox has left the building.

A farewell reception was held July 6 at village hall. Fighting the brutal heat, many friends and business acquaintances came to shake Dave’s hand and wish him well.

Dave will leave big shoes to fill in the village. He quietly guided the village through some pretty stormy waters over the past 12 years and in the process took some pretty hard verbal hits from the gallery, during moments of frustration.

Sitting there, it was sometimes pretty hard to watch. Explosive crowds, either united on an issue or split in two by passion and the belief they were right make for a volatile mix.

Those situations always spells disaster for a village board and I have covered more than a few that required police presence just to keep a lid on it.

But through it all, I never heard Dave respond in anger. I never heard him say a negative thing about anyone on the board or in the village.

He set the bar very high for the board. Elected officials come and go and while many elected officials have great passion for the position, some do not have any idea how to conduct themselves in a village board meeting.

Dave lead by example and by doing so, made the village stronger and more professional.

Many positive things have occurred in the last 12 years, many of them under the guiding hand of Dave Cox.

It will be a big learning curve for the new administrator, whoever he or she is. While I wish Dave and his family Godspeed, I am also hoping the new guy will be able to pick up the baton and run with it. Only time will tell.


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