There is a big contrast between the candidates for the Wisconsin First Congressional District.

                  Candidate Rob Zerban wants to protect Medicare and Social Security. Paul Ryan wants to privatize Social Security and to change Medicare into medical vouchers where seniors would get a limited sum to buy medical insurance or care.

                  Candidate Rob Zerban wants a more equal tax system where the very wealthy pay their share and people who make their money from investments pay taxes at the same rates as those who work. Paul Ryan wants to continue the tax breaks for the richest.

                  Candidate Rob Zerban wants to stop giving tax breaks to corporations that ship jobs overseas and to invest in jobs that repair our crumbling infrastructure. Paul Ryan has voted against infrastructure jobs bills and for tax breaks for corporations that send jobs overseas.

                  Candidate Rob Zerban supports Headstart and programs such as the Pell Grants and low interest loans for college students whereas Ryan’s budget cut these programs and he would not vote to restore low interest loans for college student.

                  Paul Ryan’s budget is an austerity budget for the middle class but continues the tax relief for the richest investors. The Ryan budget increases the national debt more than the Obama budget according to the Congressional Budget Office. Candidate Rob Zerban believes we must grow good jobs and protect the programs for the poor and the middle class.

                  Candidate Rob Zerban will represent the people of the First Congressional District and not have his eyes on the next step on the way to higher political gains


Vera Boone

Twin Lakes


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