Effects of herbicides in our lakes

                  What exactly is in our lakes?  Do we know? Do we care?  Although it appears that the 2,4-D herbicide treatment is NOT getting rid of the milfoil, the Lake District keeps voting to apply the chemical. Other alternatives were suggested at the meeting, and I would like to urge the investigation of hand-pulling by scuba divers.  This method is used in some lakes, most notably Forest Lake in Northern Wisconsin. Professional scuba divers could be hired, but scuba clubs might be willing to undertake the project.

                  Residents of some lake communities are concerned about the health effects of herbicides, and have worked diligently to investigate other, safer methods. At Holcombe Lake, the focus has shifted from chemicals to the use of weevils to control milfoil. According to newspaper articles, this approach has been successful, not only at Pine Lake, but also at lakes in Ohio and Michigan.

                  Concerns about herbicides in the lakes are real. According to published studies, common weed killers have been linked to a six-fold increase in the incidence of childhood leukemia and a four-fold increase in the incidence of soft-tissue carcinoma in children.  (Journal of the National Cancer Institute (1987); American Journal of Public Health (1995). One study found that dogs exposed to lawn herbicides were four to seven times more likely to be diagnosed with bladder cancer.  Another study found that dogs from homes where lawns were regularly treated with 2,4-D were twice as likely to be diagnosed with malignant lymphoma.

                  During one recent week at Lake Mary, I observed three lakefront property owners applying lawn chemicals on yards adjacent to the lake. In two instances, the owners were applying the herbicides themselves. In another, a chemical lawn company was first spraying a yard next to the lake for bugs, and then applying herbicides.  Right next to the lake! Where do you suppose those toxic chemicals end up when it rains?

                  So, to repeat my opening question: what exactly is in our lakes? Is it healthy or dangerous for our children to be swimming? Should we fish and eat the fish?  What is your concern…a few weeds, or serious health consequences for ourselves and our children?

Lynne C. Hellman

Twin Lakes


Obama has thrown seniors under the bus

                  The best thing about being a senior citizen is the experience and the knowledge you gain over the years. I’ve seen a lot of presidents, from Truman to Obama and felt Jimmy Carter was the worst one ever, but Obama has now skyrocketed past him into first place.

                  Obama who thinks he I Joe Cool is like the Kardashians. He looks pretty and takes in a lot of money. The only thing that has improved during Obama’s presidency is his golf score.

                  The Republicans have put together a financial dream team of Romney and Ryan while the Democrats cobbled together Obama and Biden–an economic nightmare. As Bill Clinton was fond of saying, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

                  Obama and the Democrats have been beating up Ryan’s budget, yet when Obama sent his budget to Congress, not one member of both houses (553 members) voted for it, not even super wing nut Tammy Baldwin. She was able to figure out the checkbook just doesn’t balance.

                  This is a wakeup call to all of you senior citizens out there. Did you hear that loud thumping sound? That was Obama throwing us under the bus.

                  He is shifting 700 billion out of Medicare into Obamacare. Medicare, folks, is what we worked for. It’s money that was taken out of our paychecks to pay for our health care when we need it most. Obamacare shifts that 700 billion to cover the uninsured drug addicts and others who have put little or no money into the fund.

                  Obama and his fellow Democrats should remember what happened to Pinocchio when they are out campaigning.

Mark Starzyk

Powers Lake


We need Ryan’s courageous leadership

                  The election this November brings an exciting and rare opportunity for voters; we can show our support for Paul Ryan by voting for him both for Congress and for Vice President. Since Paul was picked up by Governor Romney to run as Vice President, his name will be listed twice on the ballot because of Wisconsin State election laws.

                  Those of us from Wisconsin want leaders who are part of the solution, not part of the problem. Paul has shown for years that he is not only part of the solution; he’s leading the charge to tackle the economic challenges our country faces. He has put our next generation ahead of his next election, and we need to reward his courageousness.

                  It’s clear we need new leadership to get our economy and our country back on track. Paul is the only person who’s had the courage to introduce a solution to ensure Medicare is strengthened and protected for current and future seniors. Paul’s budget pays off our debt, reforms our tax code so we can create jobs here at home and stops the unsustainable growth of government.

                  Paul is running in two crucial races this November, and as Wisconsinites, just as we did in June, we have a responsibility to show the nation that we stand with political leaders who have the courage to tell us the truth about how we can meet our fiscal and economic challenges. That’s why I will be voting for Paul Ryan for Congress and the Romney/Ryan ticket for President and Vice President this November.

John Milligan


Obama’s transformation must be undone

                  Obama promised to cut the deficit in half, to lift two million people out of poverty, to lower unemployment to 5.6 percent and to jolt the economy to life. Instead, America has suffered a net decline of half a million jobs, a record 46 million Americans living in poverty, the weakest economic recovery on record, America’s first credit rating downgrade ever and 45 million Americans on food stamps. Obama’s plans have failed miserably, and yet he promises more of the same.

                  Obama has not received a presidential briefing on the economy in well over a year. Maybe that’s why he believes, “the private sector is doing fine.” He has presided over record deficit spending of $5.3 trillion. No one, not even one Democrat has voted in favor of his last two budgets. The Washington Post said that a speech he gave earlier this year on the economy was “a falsehood wrapped in a fallacy.”

                  Obama continues to attack Romney and Ryan for their plans to save Medicare and Social Security, while offering no plan of his own.

                  Obama’s poll numbers are going down because voters are starting to see through his dishonest rhetoric. In a cover story on why we need a new president, even liberal Newsweek laments that Obama’s scorecard on every single pledge in his inaugural address to create new jobs and lay a new foundation for growth “is pitiful.”

                  Obama has fulfilled his pledge to transform America. His transformation must be undone.


Larry Holterman




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