My letter is in response to a letter last week by Mr. Richard A. Bosanko from Bristol who was very critical of Governor Scott Walker.

                  Ponder this. Wisconsin lost 700 “good paying union jobs” not because of a handful of protesting Indians having a hissy fit, but because our very own Senator Wirch, who lives somewhere in Kenosha County, and the rest of his fellow Democratic senators took off to Illinois like jack rabbits. Thanks a lot, Bob.

                  Illinois, which is just south of the Bristol border, is in dire financial condition. They are $9 billion short of paying their day-to-day bills and have a whopping $96 billion pension deficit. For the last four years, Democratic President Obama has put zero pressure on the Bureau of Indian Affairs to approve the Kenosha casino application. During that time period, Illinois has gotten approval and built four more casinos

                  Obama is a good old “Chicago boy” and doesn’t want any Illinois money coming north to Wisconsin.

                  Mark my words; as long as Obama is president, our 3,000 Kenosha jobs will not be approved by Washington. The President believes in shared sacrifice. Wisconsin has to sacrifice so Illinois can share in the casino profits.

                  My only advice to Mr. Bosanko would be for him to invite President Obama to Wisconsin so he could see how Governor Walker and the Republican legislature changed a $3.6 billion dollar deficit into a $484 million dollar surplus in just two years, but I think the President would rather go to Hawaii.

Mark A. Starzyk

Powers Lake


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