Brent Bluthardt for Antioch Township Trustee

                  Open Letter to All Antioch Township Residents:

                  My name is Brent Bluthardt and I am a candidate for Antioch Township Trustee and I respectfully ask for your vote on April 9.

                  I am running for trustee because I want to make sure that the township continues to be fiscally responsible while offering high-quality programs for all of our residents.

                  The residents are hurting out there and we need to make sure we spend funds wisely. We must continue to search out federal and state grants to help offset program costs, continue to develop partnerships and intergovernmental agreements with the municipalities in the area to coordinate and cost-share programs and work together with staff, volunteers and community groups to offer the highest quality programs and services for  all township residents.

                  To assist Antioch Township seniors and disabled residents who need basic assistance, the Township should offer a Handyman service. The “Handyman Program” should be established to help those in need of minor home repairs such as installing storm windows, changing a light bulb, or fixing a leaky faucet.  The service would be free and limited to Antioch Township residents only.

                  Climbing a ladder to change a light bulb is very intimidating to many senior citizens; the elderly and disabled should not have to risk their lives just to maintain their homes.

                  The Township must also increase transparency and communication. We must increase our social network presence and improve the quality of our Web page to make sure anyone who needs information regarding township programs can find it easily. All meeting minutes and agendas should be posted online so residents can be aware of the actions of the board.

                  I have proven my commitment to the community by serving on the District 34 Board of Education (one year as President) as well as the Village of Antioch Environmental Commission. I am currently an elected precinct committeeman, a member of the Antioch Township Republican Club, founding member of the Antioch Gentlemen’s League, past member of the Antioch Chamber of Commerce, associate member of the Italian American War Veterans and served St. Ignatius of Antioch as a Vestry Member for three years.

                  My wife Sandra and I have resided in Antioch since 1999. We have two daughters, Brittany, a freshman at Antioch H.S., and Lauren, a seventh grader at AUGS. I received a degree in Political Science from Elmhurst College and I am currently employed as the Logistics and Trade Compliance Manager for a large manufacturer in Chicago.

                  I invite everyone to visit my Web page at or on Facebook: Brent Bluthardt for Antioch Township Trustee, to obtain further information regarding my campaign. I am also available via e-mail at if anyone has any questions or concerns.

                  I thank you for your time and consideration and I ask you for your vote on April 9. Remember, early voting is available at the Antioch Township Offices on Deep Lake Rd. through April 6.

Brent Bluthardt

Candidate for Antioch Township Trustee


Mary Gaborek for Mayor of Village of Antioch

                  I’m Mary Gaborek and I am running for Mayor for the Village of Antioch in the upcoming April 9 election. I will be challenging incumbent Mayor Lawrence Hanson to create a new vision for the Village of Antioch.

                  I would like to share with you a bit about myself, and how together, we can make Antioch the best place to live and work, for all ages, now and in the future.

                  I am a 10-year resident of Antioch, raising three wonderful daughters with my husband, Mike. I understand the needs of family life such as balancing family interests with political aspirations, trying to create a loving environment in an increasingly demanding world and balancing a budget in a strained economy.

                  My keen understanding has fueled a desire to get more involved with my community, to see it prosper and to create an environment that promotes these important fundamentals – family values, job growth and viable and sustainable revenue growth for the Village of Antioch.

                  The Village of Antioch has experienced sizeable population growth in the past 10 years, yet, it hasn’t seen a significant business environment to support that expansion. The burden of supporting the community has been left to property owners, including seniors on fixed incomes and parents with young or college-aged-children.

                  The Village of Antioch has tried to rely on local businesses that have survived the economic downfall; however, it hasn’t been enough.

                  My knowledge of local government and effective networking will create a friendly business environment that attracts smart business growth.

                  Political involvement runs in my family. My parents emigrated from Ireland to live the American dream. I am the oldest out of six children and have experienced and learned from the hardships like my parents faced…working to fulfill goals and dreams for myself and my family.

                  Both my parents became American citizens and their strong work ethic has been etched into my passions. My father was the root of my political interest; he was always informed and involved, supporting candidates in whom he believed.

                  The guidance my father instilled – getting involved, voting for the right community leader was the framework for my future.

                  When I resided in Hoffman Estates, I admired Mayor Michael O’Malley, my mentor, for his dedication to his family and community. I learned from my family, my mentor and life experiences and have built this into my vision.

                  A vision for the Village of Antioch – to promote the community, create friendly business environments, develop relationships that help the community and residents prosper and provide a high quality of life for all.

                  As your mayor, my experience and skills will provide a solid mix of tools and resources to enhance the community and build a strong, thriving place to live and work, now and in the future.

                  Please vote and support me… A “New Face and New Focus” for the Village of Antioch.

Mary Gaborek

Candidate for the Village of Antioch Mayoral Election

Jerry Johnson for Antioch Village Trustee

                  Hello, my fellow citizens.  I am Jerry Johnson and I am proud to be running for Antioch Village Trustee.

                  I reside in Clublands subdivision in Antioch. I am an Antioch High School graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from DePaul University.  I own two businesses in Antioch: H&J Development, Inc. (Telecommunications Company) and 899 Partners (Real Estate Management Company). I am also the Marketing Executive of The Lodge of Antioch (Restaurant Establishment).

                  I’m currently on the Parks and Recreation Board for my second appointed term, along with being on the neighborhood watch program.

                  As Village Trustee, I will use my managerial and business operations experience to promote growth in existing businesses and bring in new businesses, thereby increasing new jobs and stimulating revenue.

                  In addition, I will fight for increases in revenue for police, fire, public works and parks. I will also be a leader in better promoting Antioch and continue to support public safety. One of my exciting ideas is to enable and encourage Antioch citizens and those visiting our fine city by allowing people of all ages an opportunity to get to and enjoy destinations within the village by providing a free bus service.

                  I would appreciate your support by going out and voting “Jerry Johnson.”  Thank you.

Jerry Johnson

Candidate for Antioch Village Trustee



Scott A. Pierce for Antioch Village Trustee

                  When a person makes the important decision to vote, they look at the candidates running and they ask themselves, “What do these individuals believe?”  Because it is what we believe that determines where our hearts lie in the community. It decides what our goals are and what we will commit ourselves to do for the people and the community we care about.

                  I believe the Town of Antioch is a hidden treasure in the northern reaches of Lake County. Our beautiful community is comprised of families and neighborhoods filled with friendly neighbors.  The diversity of our residents makes Antioch a superior place to work, raise families and explore recreational activities.

                  I believe that recognizing and respecting the individual voices and opinions of our residents is crucial.  Reaching a final conclusion that is best for all when an idea or concern is brought before the Village Board should be dependent upon listening (really listening) to the people.

                  I believe every side of an issue should be openly and publicly discussed. Whether an issue passes or fails, everyone should know that their voice was heard and considered.

                  These past four years I have encouraged our Village Board to follow the path of compromise and to work together to achieve a stable and prosperous community.

                  I believe a Village Board comprised of the best group of qualified members begins with me, and most of all I believe in the people of Antioch.

Scott A. Pierce

 Candidate for Antioch Village Trustee


Ted Poulos for Antioch Township Trustee

                  As a lifetime resident of Antioch, my commitment as a board member for the last four years has been to make decisions based on what I believe is the best for the Antioch residents. I hope to continue with this the next four years.

                  When I ran four years ago I wanted to help ensure that there were processes followed for all decisions and that board members work together on decisions.  And though boards will never agree on everything, I wanted to make sure everyone is heard and their views respected. I believe I have done that.

                  My 30 years of work experience in the finance department at CLC has given me knowledge of how to build budgets in a governmental unit; I have been responsible for a budget of over $100 million. It has given me experience in working with an elected board, and what a board should expect from staff.                  In tough budget times we have accomplished many things in four years. I have voted on budget items that would ensure that we keep activities that make Antioch a close, small town community. These include maintaining funding for events such as: the Thursday Concerts, the wine walks, the fall festival, the 4th of July activities and the holiday parades.

                  I wasn’t afraid to make tough decisions to correct what was left to us due to a declining economy. I reluctantly voted for a utility tax needed to cover deteriorating and aging capital and infrastructure.

                   I voted to increase sewer and water rates to pay for the treatment plant bonds. Rates hadn’t been raised in over 15 years and revenue projected years ago to cover these bonds didn’t materialize due to the housing market decline.

                  Nobody wants to pay higher rates, including me. The board attempted to hold the rates but concluded there was no other option to pull us from this financial situation.

                  I also voted on things that saved significant money for the village and residents. I voted to make cuts to reduce excess spending without reducing services to the village.

                  Here is some of what I voted for: reduce staff 33 percent, privatize insurance (this saved over $1 million in two years); implement electrical aggregation (this will save residents a combined $1 million per year); authorized building a new pool. The old pool was 55 years old and a safety hazard for our children.

                  I voted for public safety improvements which included: starting a police car replacement program; reorganizing the police department to put more officers on the street; cross-utilizing EMS services to allow trained fire department EMTs to assist with rescue calls; implementing  a neighborhood watch program.

                  There are other positive things that were done, and plans to do much more. I would like to continue to be part of Antioch moving forward, and to be part of building a town that I have been a part of for 52 years.

Ted Poulos

Candidate for Antioch Village Trustee


Thomas G. Shaughnessy for Antioch Township Trustee Candidate

                  My Wife Kathy and I have been Antioch Township residents since 1978. We have raised four children: Bryan, Kelly, Courtney and Dan, who are all living in and around Antioch.

                  We dedicated ourselves to anything and everything they were part of, which began my community service and volunteer involvement: 15 years Antioch Youth Baseball, Past President; 8 years Antioch Viking Football, Past Board Member; 6 years Iceless Hockey; Antioch Park District Referendum initiative, Chairman; Centennial Park volunteer; 10 years Village Santa Claus Assistant; Civic organization fund raising efforts include: St. Peter’s Ribs & Bibs, St. Peter’s Footlights, Sequoit Pride, Antioch Fire Department, Burn Camp – Camp I Am, Knights of Columbus, North Pointe Resources, Grass Lake School, Emmons School.

                  I will use my 40 years of global business experience in sales, marketing and customer service to effectively address our Township business affairs.

                  My goal for the next four years, should I be elected, is to look into all the programs and services the Township offers for their viability and cost effectiveness, and improving efficiency will be my core value.

                  I will meet with our neighboring communities, the Village, Lake County and State elected officials to explore opportunities to more effectively manage the tax dollars you entrust to all of us. Opening communication channels with these government agencies will expose any duplicity of services and provide a dialogue to explore consolidation of existing services/programs. These ongoing dialogs will become a conduit to ‘Best Practices,’ to new cost-effective programs/services and open avenues to apply for available State and Federal grants.

                  I look at problems with a philosophy of ‘What’s Possible’ – ‘What Can We Do’ – ‘What’s the Right Thing to Do.’ I am excited to have this opportunity to get more actively involved again with our community.

                  Please cast your vote for me, Thomas G. Shaughnessy for Antioch Township Trustee, and give me the opportunity.

Thomas G. Shaughnessy,

Candidate for Antioch Township Trustee


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