get down to business to solve the problems that confront our nation and our world? They are busy trying to find scandals that will either besmirch the Obama Administration or Hillary Clinton.

We have big problems such as: global climate change, lack of gun registration, inadequate job creation, poor immigration rules, unfair trade treaties, unfair taxation, the huge gap in incomes between rich and poor, college graduates with enormous loan debts and perpetual war.

The Republicans had several hearings on Benghazi that have found nothing; one is still going on and more are threatened. When will they realize there is nothing there? Certainly the Justice Department overstepped their authority by monitoring phone numbers that reporters use. This should be investigated and not allowed in the future.

But the IRS’s examination of the Tea Party request for 501-C4 status is a “tempest in a teapot.” None of the political groups that financially support candidates should be given tax-exempt status. If these groups exclusively contribute to the social well-being of the community, then they should have tax-exempt status. When considering approving 501-C4 status, it is efficient to group similar groups, especially when there is limited staff. (President Obama asked for more IRS personnel, but he was denied.) May 501-C4 status should be better defined. It is wrong to give tax-exempt status to groups that give money to candidates–whether Democratic or Republican. This is not about people being audited unfairly as the Republicans are trying to infer.

Let’s tell the Congress to get back to work on important problems.


Vera Boone

Twin Lakes


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