Every minute of every day someone needs blood. That blood can only come from a volunteer donor, a person like you who makes the choice to donate. There is no substitute for your donation. A pint of blood is taken from each donor. A pint of blood is separated three ways and saves three lives.

                  On Oct. 25, the Twin Lakes American Legion Auxiliary Unit No. 544 hosted a blood drive and because of the 20 donors this blood saved 60 lives. We would like to thank you for taking the time to come to our blood drive held here at the Post. It was a huge success, and we appreciate your generous donation and contribution.

                  The blood donors are listed as follows: Chuck Johnson, Joanne O’Reilly, Ann Dvorak, Chris Frommgen-Buck, Diane Ainsworth, David Dvorak, Greg Pryor, JoAnn Maiter, Allison Pendzich, Craig Dvorak, Kate Pryor, Joe Gurtowski, Kelly Gurtowski, Amanda Jacobson, Ken Jones, Michelle Gaertner, Shirley Vozel, Ainslie Minkley, and Logan Dreyer.

JoAnn Maiter

Twin Lake


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