Dear Old Time Area Residents: We need your help!

                  The Kenosha County Historical Society, along with and USA Dance, are gathering information, stories, and pictures of the old ballroom in Twin Lakes that was built in the early 1920s and was mostly known as The Wonder Bar. It is currently Rumpoles, located at 352 E. Main Street in Twin Lakes. It is one of the more important dance facilities in the entire U.S. as it boasts its original sprung floor and is the largest and oldest ballroom in Wisconsin and Illinois.

                  All of the big bands played there including: Glen Miller, Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Wayne King, Benny Goodman, and Gene Krupa.  Well-known singers such as The Andrews Sisters and Dorothy Lamore performed there as well. Lawrence Welk was the resident musician for a number of years.

                  Because of its musical and historical significance, efforts are now being made to get this historic ballroom listed as a national landmark and hopefully get grant money for restoration. To do this, we need as much information as possible. Any interesting stories of events and/or whatever you can remember about the interior, colors etc. from any decade would be helpful.

                  If you have anything to add, send it to The Wonder Bar History Effort at P.O. Box 1025 in Twin Lakes or contact Ed at (262) 448-1510 or

                  Thank you for sharing any information with us.


Ed Vardon

Cynthia Hill

Co Organizers,





  1. Scott Kunze says:

    We can’t forget “Styx” in 1973. My band had backed them up there. Awesome place. We’ll never forget the fun we had and the time just driving around. Scott Kunze.

    • Teri franklin says:

      Omg we were just trying to remember that concert. Do you know the date. My sisters and I went. Awesome night

  2. Brenda Walsh says:

    I seen Styx there too. Will never forget it. Awesome concert.

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