By Gail Peckler-Dziki


The Silver Lake Protection Association (SLPA) has set its first annual meeting for Saturday, July 13, at 10 a.m. at the Salem Town Hall, located at 9814 Antioch Road (STH 83).

The group plans to discuss applying for a Department of Natural Resources (DNR) grant that would allow them to continue implementing their lake protection plan.

All interested persons are invited to attend. Not all are riparian owners, according to SLPA member Michelle Cullen; some members are from the City of Kenosha. “Our membership is open to anyone who wants to save and enjoy Silver Lake.”

To date, a lake plan has been completed. Stantec has already sprayed designated areas for milfoil in mid-May this year. SLPA members are waiting to see the type of results that occur.

Last year’s drought brought the Eurasian Milfoil problem to the forefront when lake levels dropped dramatically and the milfoil began to rot and stink. Several riparian owners began the campaign to save the lake and now the group has 160 members.

Membership fees are $10 per adult per year. Some members have donated greater amounts and Cullen said those are very welcome.

Cullen and Pat Hunt have also taken the Clean Boats Clean Water class, offered by the DNR, along with several other SLPA members. Hunt is now training other interested volunteers how to make sure boats are clean when they enter Silver Lake and clean when they leave.

The volunteers check for plants and other hitchhikers like zebra mussels. Both are invasive species that threaten the health of Wisconsin lakes. The Twin Lakes Lake District uses the same program to protect Lake Catherine and Lake Marie.

The group has 14 volunteers who take two-hour shifts each week. The busiest times are early morning and late afternoon, Cullen said.

The volunteers take a post at the DNR boat launch. More volunteers would mean the group could expand their program.

Anyone who is interested can call Cullen at 262-889-4631.


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