Underhill for County Board

      Mike Underhill, Kenosha County Board Supervisor District 20

      I am honored and privileged to serve my community as County Board Supervisor for District 20 (Paddock Lake and Salem) for the past two terms. I am seeking your vote for re-election on Tuesday, April 1, 2014.

I am proud of my record of positively impacting Kenosha County and its residents in terms of cost reduction, implementation of efficiencies, and investments in our community. My fiscally-responsible record speaks for itself.

      • I voted to downsize the County Board from 28 to 23 Supervisors.

      • I voted against giving Kenosha County Supervisors a raise.

      • I voted to end taxpayer-funded health insurance for Kenosha County Supervisors.

      • I voted to restructure employee health care, resulting in greater than $2 million saved.

      • I voted to refinance debt that will save Kenosha County taxpayers $2.3 million over the next seven years. This was accomplished by cooperation between the County administration, the employees of Kenosha County, and the County Board.

      • I supported a zero increase property tax levy for 2013. I voted for the lowest tax levy in the past 25 years (1.18 percent) for 2014.

      • I voted to replenish the high impact development fund with the Kenosha Area Business Alliance in an effort to attract new jobs. This fund enables expansion of some Kenosha businesses and assists other businesses in bringing jobs to Kenosha County.

      • I voted for the fiber ring (to bring internet service to rural families without cable access).

      • In the past year I have attended 88 percent of County Board meetings, and 93 percent of assigned committee meetings. On the rare occasion that I have been unable to attend, my absence has been excused in advance. I also attend other Kenosha County committee meetings regularly.

      • I present the County report at the Village of Paddock Lake monthly meetings.

      • I participate in the bi-annual Council of Governments meetings.

      • I am a member of the annual Oktoberfest Committee (Paddock Lake).

      • I participate in the annual Paddock Lake Arbor Day tree planting event, the July 4 Bike Parade, and the Christmas Parade. I attend many fundraising events for various causes.

•    I support Westosha – Salem Kiwanis Club as well as Women and Children’s Horizons and many other local government agencies and non-government organizations.

•    I have lived in Kenosha County for most of my life, and am committed to securing a brighter future for current and future Kenosha County residents.

      I believe in supporting local businesses, bringing good paying jobs to Kenosha County, providing a strong voice for working families, and stopping waste at all levels of government. A brighter future for Kenosha County residents requires smart decisions and hard work.

      I am asking for your vote in the election Tuesday, April 1st. Contact me at any time at either 262.914.1073 or at munderhill1.wi.rr.com. When you call me I will call you back. Thank you.

Mike Underhill

Kenosha County Board

Supervisor District 20


Poole for County Board

      I am running for Kenosha County Board because our taxes should not be going up in a recession.

      We are in a very weak economy and the county board should be looking at ways to cut our taxes, not increase them.

      In going around to meet the voters I have talked to many senior citizens who fear they will have to move if taxes keep going up.  Higher property taxes also make it harder for families to buy a home.

      Our current board supervisor has been heard to say in the meetings that he is not for a zero tax increase, since people would get used to it.

      I pledge to work for lower taxes in this weak economy to help seniors, families and businesses survive. We don’t need to cut services or staff to accomplish this. We could switch from diesel to natural gas for our truck engines and save a lot of money right there.

      I’m an accountant and can read a budget so I’m sure I can find other places to save money, instead of cutting services. How about the $100,000 for wireless Internet in downtown Kenosha.  My opponent voted for that too. I will also work to reduce Kenosha county’s debt problem.

      If we don’t stop adding to our debt we will end up like Chicago, and unable to afford basic services. I support Gov. Walker’s efforts to cut spending and my opponent voted in opposition to the Governor’s spending reforms.

      My opponent has missed 40 percent of the board meetings in the last 6 months.  If I missed work 40 percent of the time, I would be out of a job!  It’s time to vote for a fiscal conservative who will fight property tax increases and will fight waste, fraud and abuse of your tax dollars. I ask for your vote on April 1 to do this.

                  John Poole



Culat for Town of Salem Supervisor

      Hello, my name is Mike Culat. I am seeking a 2-year term as Town of Salem Supervisor. Previous Political experience includes a 2-year term as Town of Salem Supervisor

       I am seeking this office for several reasons. Primary being that a number of people have asked me to run again. Secondly, we have started several projects which are not yet completed.

      Last year, the Town committed to a very aggressive road rebuilding program which included, repairing/replacing any necessary sewer lines, storm-water drainage issues, and re-paving of roads in several subdivisions.

      This year the plan is to completely re-do the Salem Oaks subdivision. We were able to put this plan together by taking advantage of historic low interest rates. I want to be around to see this project through. We still have many issues facing this town and I feel my record demonstrates that I am very qualified to help address them.

      It is my strong belief that we as a board have been good stewards of the people’s assets and have done a commendable job of providing the highest level of service with a diminishing amount of revenue.

      Testaments to this are our highly professional fire department, roads being maintained in the best manner possible, our public works department operations, the high level of safety we have provided our residents, and our helpful and friendly office staff.

      I also believe that this board has been extremely open and transparent in every aspect of our business, always seeking public input and counsel.

      When I ran the first time I talked about starting town-wide events to bring everyone together and create a better sense of community.  The first was Pumpkin-daze, which started out as a small event and has grown to what people say is an extraordinary event.

      Currently I have several ideas for more town-wide events, which will continue to bring a larger sense of community.

      I believe that I have demonstrated a great ability to listen to all sides of an issue, research the facts and make informed decisions.

      Also, I think that I have shown that I am able to work in large or small groups to resolve issues. I have strived to represent fairly all the citizens of our town and show no prejudice or bias.

      Prior to running for my first term, I attended as many committee and board meetings as possible to be ready to serve if elected. After being elected I met with the department heads, which fall under my committees and spent many hours learning the workings of these departments so that I can represent our citizens to the best of my abilities. I have also attended   many meetings outside of the Town as a representative to bring back pertinent information.

      I will say that prior to being elected last time; I had no idea that this job would consume as much time as it does. Even so, my wife has given me her blessing to do this again.

      I think my history of dedication and commitment, prove that I am the most suitable candidate for this position.

Janus is running for Town of Salem Supervisor

      Town of Salem residents, it’s that time of the year again! Election day for is fast approaching on April 1.

      My name is Amee Janus, and I am running for Town Board Supervisor, in the Town of Salem. I have two young daughters that attend Riverview School in 1st and 3rd grades. I have lived in the Town of Salem for the 12 years I have been married to Richard Janus, who has been a resident of the town for 34 years.

      Some of you may already know me since I volunteer in our community. I have developed the “Slow Down” campaign, a grassroots initiative that Sheriff Beth stands behind and is growing beyond Kenosha County limits.

      I am also a CPST, a Certified Passenger Safety Technician and a member of Safe Kids. My children are now in booster seats, but I got certified because I love to work with children and ensure their safety out on our roads.

      I am running for Town Board Supervisor because I am truly passionate about our town and where we live. Those that are close to me and those that have had the opportunity to work with me can attest to my dedication to our community.

      We need to ensure our future generations benefit from the choices we make today. I can’t promise that I can change everything, but what I can promise is that I will listen to the residents, ensure the voice of the residents is heard, and work hard and passionately, giving a 110 percent.

      I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve the Town of Salem. I hope that I can count on you to support me on April 1.

      Thank you,

Amee Janus



Suhre is running for Lakewood School Board

      Why am I running for Lakewood School Board? I believe in Strong Schools. I believe that Strong Schools build Strong Communities.

      I believe that Strong Communities benefit us all through better quality of life, higher home values, lower crime, and future citizens that enhance community, not detract from it.

      While it is important to know what people will do if elected, it is also important to know that they are already working for youth and the community.

      I believe in strong adult involvement. My spouse, Christine, and I have been involved with the schools, scouting, church youth ministry, and athletics.

      Over the past 12 years our involvement at Lakewood has included DJing dances, co-chairs for Fall Fest, band trips, field trips, room parent, PTO, sourcing materials, and general volunteer activities.

      In 2007, we founded the Westosha Judo Club to provide an opportunity for area youth to learn a sport that teaches not only technique and skill, but also life lessons. We have nationally ranked players, but our main goal is for them to grow as individuals.

      As an Eagle Scout, I feel strongly about the values and principles that the scouting program teaches our young men and women and have been serving in the local units since 2006.

      In the last 2 years, 9 young men in our community have earned their Eagle badge, an amazing accomplishment.  Our son Rowan is on his way to that rank as well. Our daughter Gillian (Venture Scout) and I are on staff for the National Youth Leadership Training course where we will help to further develop tomorrow’s leaders.

      We are involved in Church youth ministry including mission trips to South Dakota and Sault St. Marie where we have worked to help other communities.

      As highlighted above, I actively support the education and development of youth and the community.  I also feel that I am qualified for the position through my professional and life experiences.

      I have been an employee of Abbott Laboratories for 24 years in various leadership roles with increasing responsibility.  In those 24 years, I have attended dozens of leadership, communication, problem solving, and other relevant courses.

      I currently serve as a Director in Corporate Development where I am responsible to ensure that over 2000 employees have what they need to do their job.

      I have always been at or under budget and I am currently leading discussions on how to reduce a $1 Billion spend by creating a more efficient and effective process for the industry.  You can be assured that your taxes will be invested, not wasted.

      I grew up in a small community similar to Twin Lakes. I benefitted from living in a great community with a great school system that had the support of the community.  The community, in turn, benefitted from the school’s strength. As a Lakewood School Board member, I will continue to help build Strong Schools and a Strong Community.

Thank you for your support


Rhett Suhre

No. 3 on the ballot


Democrats should join Ryan in fight against poverty

      Congressman Ryan is being criticized for a paper he recently released looking at our many federal poverty programs. Ryan wants to help those in poverty get out of poverty.

      No one can honestly argue that the “war on poverty” has been successful. I am glad Ryan is brave enough to look at the problems we are having. I hope Democrats will look to address problems in these programs instead of attacking Ryan for trying to help those in poverty better their circumstances.

      President Johnson launched the War on Poverty in 1964 pledging to “cure” and prevent poverty. Since then we have spent about $20 trillion on the “cure.”

      We are spending almost $1 trillion annually on multiple means-tested programs. Sometimes incentives in federal welfare programs encourage dependence, even for generations.

      What has this accomplished? The poverty rate remains nearly as high today as it was in the 1960s. Throwing more scarce resources into failing programs is not the answer. Under existing programs, those in poverty are destined to remain in poverty. Ryan wants to permanently lift people out of poverty.

      Ryan wants to do more of what is successful, and fix those things that are not working, while intelligently using taxpayers’ hard earned dollars.

      Spending $20 trillion dollars has not moved the poverty needle. Instead of attacking Ryan for trying to reduce the number in poverty, why not join him in looking for ways to improve the plight of those in poverty?


Larry Holterman



Daily gym necessary for children

      I am writing to give you my feelings on the GYM act. It is imperative that children have gym on a daily basis, at least 30 minutes.

       I had gym daily and it was helpful in keeping us fit. These days, kids are getting too heavy because of sitting around doing electronics, etc. I believe this would help to keep our kids in better shape. It probably wouldn’t even be a bad idea to have alternating health education days in there also.

      Thanks for taking the time to hear me…one overweight Nana.


Sheryl Ginter




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