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Businessman Fred Meyer, played by Zach Zim-merman, was unveiled as the murderer by Team Dil-lon in a game of Clue played around the village of Sil-ver Lake Friday, June 12. (Submitted photo)

Businessman Fred Meyer, played by Zach Zimmerman, was unveiled as the murderer by Team Dillon in a game of Clue played around the village of Silver Lake Friday, June 12. (Submitted photo)

Perhaps you noticed a few folks roaming the streets in Silver Lake last Friday, June 12. Some were dressed a bit oddly while others wandered in small groups, going in and out of the doors of various businesses.

You may have pondered just what was going on. In fact, you were looking for clues.

That’s what these folks were doing. Some were looking for clues while others were providing them. The Community Baptist Church sponsored a neighborhood Clue game.

The game was the brainchild of Seth And Deanna Peterson.

“We played games like this in college at Northland International University,” Seth said, “and decided it would work well in our small town.”

“We started talking about youth group ideas, a few months ago,’ Deanna commented. “And then this idea of a live Clue game came up.”

Flyers were handed out at the Memorial Day parade and when the game was played last Friday night, 12 teams with a total of 44 players participated.

The game began in the Silver Lake Village hall and trustee Pat Dunn was on hand to unlock the door.

Team Dillon won, and they won big. The grand prize had donations from Scully’s Silver Lake Grill, Dairy Queen, Taste of Italy, Silver City Suds, American Legion and the Silver Lake Barber Shop.

Silver Lake police officer Robert Soma hauled the perp, Fred Meyer (Zach Zimmerman) away at the end. He shot old John Dalton.

Other sites for the clue game included Silvertown Mall, the Silver Lake Fire Department and DeWitt Park.

The Community Baptist Church has organized other community wide events such as Christmas Caroling and Fall Fest.


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