By Annette Newcomb


An anonymous letter that began circulating last week has left Wilmot High School District Administrator Dan Kopp baffled.

“I have no idea where this came from…I will add anonymous letters are not credible letters.”

The letter says in part, “I have been told by some very reputable people that coaches at Wilmot High School can take money for themselves, tax free, from the Wilmot Booster Club.”

The letter goes further, saying, “I have grandchildren involved in sports at Wilmot and I give money to the Booster Club. I thought this money was going to help the kids in sports. I find out now it is going to the coaches. I am telling everyone I know about this situation and I will quit giving money until it is fixed.

“None of the coaches have been paid more than the amount that is authorized by the school board,” Kopp said Monday afternoon.

He explained that the Wilmot Booster Club, a non-profit organization, earns money through its own fundraising activities such as the 50/50 raffles held during game nights, and the sale of spirit wear and spirit gear.

“The funds are totally the Boosters responsibility and separate from the school district. Their funding is meant to supplement the school athletics as the Boosters see fit.”

Kopp emphasized that the Wilmot Boosters “play an important role in the supporting the Wilmot athletes.”

But what the Boosters can buy for the school is monitored. “It comes down to wants and needs. As an example, there is a rebounding machine in the gym that allows one kid to play ball all day long by himself. It’s a nice thing to have but it’s not a ‘need.’ The Booster Club can come along and indicate they wish to purchase something like that for the school. The items they purchase are 100 percent ‘wants’ not ‘needs.’

“These are things the school board would not budget for, but the Boosters can offer to purchase for the kids if they wish,” Kopp said.

Kopp said larger purchases are brought before the board for discussion. “For example, if the Boosters said they wanted to buy us a charter bus or something equally excessive or over the top, we would decline the offer because it’s something we don’t need.”

Kopp said athletic director Jim Paddlock is meeting with the Booster Club directors and will “delineate a procedure that will clear up any misunderstandings so the Boosters and the school district are beyond reproach.”



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