Board approval comes after highway department recommendation

By Jason Arndt
Staff Writer

Despite safety concerns by law enforcement and fire officials, the Kenosha County Highway Department will remove a four-way stop in the Town of Wheatland, making it a two-way stop.

At the recommendation of the highway department, Wheatland officials voted 3-0 to remove the North-South stop signs at Highway O and Geneva Road two weeks earlier.

In Monday’s board meeting, Town Constable Robert Santelli Jr. questioned why the highway department recommended the traffic change.

“They might pay for it later,” Santelli Jr. said.

Town Chairman William Glembocki said the four-way was a temporary solution when the Highway 50 bypass was created more than 15 years ago.

“When people go north towards Highway 50, all they see is the stop and go light,” Glembocki said.

Santelli responded, stating the north-south points are not the concern. He pointed out most motorists disobey the east-west speed limit, either by not coming to a complete stop or exceeding the 35 mph speed limit.

Despite concerns, Glembocki said they are adhering to highway department recommendations.

“For right now, we are doing what the county advises us to do, and we will have the constable sitting right there writing tickets,” Glembocki said.

The constable was the latest public safety official to voice concern after the fire department told the board in the previous meeting they believed it would cause more accidents.

In other board action, Wheatland approved its intergovernmental agreement with the Town of Salem about water patrol enforcement for Lilly Lake.


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