As a service to our readers, Southern Lakes Newspapers accepts letters to the editor pertaining to local election issues.

      All political letters must be submitted for publication at least two editions prior to the date of the election to allow sufficient time for rebuttal, if necessary. That means letters regarding the April 3 election must be received by Monday, March 19, to be considered for publication.

      Election letters that don’t make the deadline may be considered for publication on our websites at the discretion of the editor.

      The only letters that may run in the edition immediately preceding the election are rebuttal letters. Such letters will appear only in the event a candidate can clearly demonstrate a rebuttal letter is necessary to refute or clarify erroneous statements published in a letter appearing the previous week.

      Letter writers are limited to one letter of 500 words or less per election. Letters deemed libelous, malicious or in poor taste will be rejected.

      Post-election letters from candidates thanking their supporters will not be accepted.



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