By Gail Peckler-Dziki~Correspondent

Silver Lake residents who have failed to pay their sewer bills will see an additional amount added to property tax bills.

According to village clerk/treasurer Terry Faber, more than 150 property owners owe the village a total of $110,481.

Those who haven’t paid all year and will have the entire annual amount put on property tax bills are not getting a bargain, according to Faber. “The quarterly fee for sewer service is $140, making the total you pay $560 annually, if you pay on time.”

“If you let it go and it gets put on the property tax bill,” she continued, “with late fees you pay $677.60. That’s getting four for the price of five and little more.”

The village board voted unanimously to put this cost, along with normal additional charges at the regular board meeting held on Nov. 21. Other charges that will be on property tax bills are the storm water fees for $125,038. The other charge included for residents who were part of the County Trunk Highway B sewer project. That special assessment amount is $39,846. Both these items are normal additions to Silver Lake property tax bills.

The village board also voted unanimously to give the nine village maintenance and office workers a two percent pay increase. Trustee Soti Wilber who chairs the finance, legislative and administrative committee, explained that village employees have not received a pay increase since 2009.

“Our employees do now pay part of their retirement and health care costs,” she said.

The pay raise will be effective on January 1 of 2013.

The village has also changed insurance carriers. Wilber explained that going to the new carrier and adding a $250 deductible for prescriptions lowered the village’s cost by $11,000. This includes giving employees a reimbursement of the $250 each for the plan.

“We will pay the reimbursement out in two payments,” Wilber said. “One will be paid in February and one in August. We also have a waiver for employees to sign that protects the village in case someone eaves our employment before the end of the year.”

Trustee Dave Snow, chair of the police and judicial committee reported that the police department responded to 169 calls in October and so far has responded to 99 by the November 21 board meeting.

Trustee Patrick Dunn reported that the village attorney has been given a list of possible stop sign sites so the ordinance can be amended. This item will be on a future village board agenda.



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