By Gail Peckler-Dziki~Correspondent

Silver Lake residents paid a total of $1,045,623 in 2012; the proposed amount for 2013 is $1,034,984. The 2013 mill rate is expected to be $5.40. Total revenues have dropped a total of 1.13 percent, with proposed expenditures dropping the same. Total revenues are expected to be $1,329,514 in 2013, down from $1,344,706 in 2012.

Intergovernmental revenues are expected to drop from $164,458 in 2012 to $162,705 in 2013. Revenues form permit and licenses and public charges for services are also projected to be lower. Commercial revenues are projected to be higher, up to $25,500 from $7,200. The village hopes to sell several lots it owns.

Properties at Larch and 6th and Elm and 6th are being considered. The village owns property at Riverside and County Highway B, but village clerk Terry Faber reported that property is considered roadway. There is another lot on Maple that developer Steve Mills donated for park that is also not eligible to be sold.

Silver Lake resident was one of three village residents present at the budget hearing and he questioned the $27,000 that was no longer in the budget for the Silver Lake rescue squad. He wanted to know why this decision was made without input from the community.

Village president Jeff Albrecht explained that no decision had been made and that the $27,000 was placed in the fire dept wages account and available should the decision to stay with the Silver Lake rescue was made. According to trustee Cyndy Schwebke, chair of the emergency services committee in a post-meeting interview, members of the Salem Fire and Rescue and the Silver Lake Fire Department were working through details.

The two municipalities have considered a services swap, with Salem Rescue handling that service for the village and Silver Lake fire covering certain areas in the town that Silver Lake could reach more quickly.

During the regular board meeting, the budget passed yes a six yes one no vote, with trustee Sue Gerber the only no vote. When asked why she voted no after the meeting, she responded, “No comment.”


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